Internship Program

The Institute of Criminology’s Internship Program is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Sydney Law School.

This is a recently established program undertaken on a pro-bono basis. One internship position is currently offered in each semester of the academic year. Interns must be available to work one full (8 hour) day per week (or equivalent by agreement) for the duration of one semester (10 weeks). Students can also apply for admission to the program by intensive mode during winter and summer break.

The Internship Program will be of interest to those students seeking to gain experience in an organisation devoted to research and public policy in the area of criminal justice. Interns will be provided with the opportunity to participate in a broad range of Institute activities and to interact, both formally and informally, with Institute staff members.

The Institute’s Internship Program may be undertaken as credit towards the External Placement Program in Sydney Law School's undergraduate program. For further information about the External Placement Program see the Faculty of Law, Undergraduate Units of Study Descriptions.

For further details on intern activities, how to apply, when to apply, selection criteria, previous projects undertaken by interns and intern undertakings. Please download Institute of Criminology Internship Program (pdf)

The Institute of Criminology’s Internship Testimonial

James Monaghan, who interned at the Institute in Semester 2, 2014 shares his experience:

"During my time as an intern, I was involved in two projects: helping organise the 2014 ANZSOC Conference and helping with the early stages of a research project.

Working on the ANZSOC conference provided an opportunity to see what goes into a large-scale academic event, and also afforded me the chance to engage with the work of some leading criminologists.

Working on the early stages of a research project with Professor Gail Mason provided a great opportunity to see how research projects get off the ground, as well as a chance to apply skills I'd learnt in the classroom to a fascinating and important area of law - sexual assault law. The work I did during my internship has also led to a role as a research assistant on the same project, allowing me to continue to work in an engaging area of the law, and to explore the world of legal academia.

If you're interested in criminology and want a taste of the academic world, I'd really recommend applying for the Internship - it was a great experience for me."