Current Projects and Research

Current Projects

The Constitutional Reform Unit is currently engaged in preparing reports on the following constitutional reform proposals:

  1. the recognition of Indigenous Australians in a preamble to the Commonwealth Constitution; and
  2. the recognition of local government in the Commonwealth Constitution and the reform of financial relations between local government and the Commonwealth and States.

Future Projects

Future projects of the Constitutional Reform Unit may include consideration of:

  1. federalism reforms; and
  2. Statehood for the Northern Territory – how it might be achieved.


Members of the Constitutional Reform Unit have expertise in a wide area of constitutional law and public law, including:

  • Parliament
  • Electoral law
  • Executive powers
  • Constitution-building
  • Constitutional rights
  • Separation of powers
  • Direct democracy
  • Constitutional amendment
  • State Constitutions and sub-national Constitutions
  • Comparative constitutional law
  • Constitutional history
  • Federalism

The Constitutional Reform Unit welcomes applications from students interested in undertaking post-graduates studies in these areas, particularly in relation to constitutional reform proposals.