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Elisa Arcioni

  • E Arcioni, ‘Identity at the edge of constitutional membership’ in Rubenstein, K, Nolan, M, Jenkins, F (eds), Allegiance and Identity in a Globalised World, (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming)
  • E Arcioni, ‘Some comments on amici curiae and ‘the people’ of the Australian Constitution’ (2010) 22(3) Bond Law Review 148-155
  • E Arcioni, ‘Representation for the Italian Diaspora’ (2006) Democratic Audit of Australia 1-8
  • E Arcioni, ‘Developments in Free Speech Law in Australia: Coleman and Mulholland’ (2005) 33 Federal Law Review 333-354
  • E Arcioni, ‘Politics, police and proportionality – an opportunity to explore the Lange test: Coleman v Power’ (2003) 25(3) Sydney Law Review 379-390

Professor Helen Irving

  • H, Irving, “Drafting, Design and Gender”, in Tom Ginsburg and Rosalind Dixon (eds), Comparative Constitutional Law, Edward Elgar, 2011.
  • H, Irving, ‘The Dilemmas in Dialogue: A Constitutional Analysis of the NHRC’s Proposed Human Rights Act’ (2010) 33 University of New South Wales Law Journal 60-87
  • H, Irving, “More than Rights” in Susan Williams (ed), Constituting Equality, Cambridge University Press (2009).
  • H, Irving, ‘Still Call Australia Home: The Constitution and the Citizen's Right of Abode’ (2008) 30(1) Sydney Law Review 133-153.
  • H, Irving, 'Advisory Opinions, the Rule of Law, and the Separation of Powers' (2004) 4 Macquarie Law Journal 105-134.
  • H, Irving, 'The Republic Referendum of 6 November, 1999' (2000) 35(1) Australian Journal ofPolitical Science.

Professor Anne Twomey

  • A Twomey, ‘Always the Bridesmaid – Constitutional Recognition of Local Government’ (2012) Monash University Law Review 142-180.
  • A Twomey, ‘The Application of the Implied Freedom of Political Communication to State Electoral Funding Laws’ (2012) 35(3) UNSWLJ 625-647.
  • A Twomey, ‘The Race Power – Its Replacement and Interpretation’ (2012) 40 Federal Law Review 413-443.
  • A Twomey, ‘An obituary for s 25 of the Constitution’ (2012) 23 Public Law Review 125.
  • A Twomey, ‘The Preamble and Indigenous Recognition’ (2011) 15(2) AILR 4-22.
  • A Twomey, ‘Changing the Rules of Succession to the Throne’ [2011] Public Law 378.
  • A Twomey, ‘Truth in Political Advertising’ (2010) 21 Public Law Review 223.
  • A Twomey, ‘Pushing the boundaries of Executive Power – Pape, the Prerogative and Nationhood Powers’ (2010) 34 MULR 313.
  • A Twomey, ‘The reform of political donations, expenditure and funding’, NSW Dept of Premier and Cabinet, 22 August 2008.
  • A Twomey, ‘Constitutional Conventions, Commissions and Other Constitutional Reform Mechanisms’ (2009) 19 Public Law Review 308.
  • A Twomey, ‘A Constitution for a New State: Dilemmas for the Northern Territory’ (2007) 18 Public Law Review 200.