Postgraduate Reading Materials

Reading materials are provided in electronic format on a CD.

The reading materials can be collected at

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Printed reading materials can be ordered through University Copy Centre.

This list will be updated progressively.

Semester 1 2014

Updated: 23 April 2014

Semester 1 Intensive Units

Subject No. Subject Name Lecturer Date Available
LAWS6011-103 Administrative Law Allars 10/01/2014
LAWS6936-105 Carbon Trading, Derivatives & Taxation Lyster, Black & Stephens 23/04/2014
LAWS6193-104 Criminal Justice: Developments in Prevention & Control Clancey 20/03/2014
LAWS6227-105 Consumer Contracts & Product Defects O'Shea* 04/04/2014
LAWS6194-103 Explaining Punishment Crofts 11/02/2014
LAWS6991-105 Fundamentals of Contract Law McNaughton* 17/04/2014
LAWS6912-103 Fundamentals of the Law of Trusts Glister 29/01/2014
LAWS6933-105 Global Oil & Gas Contracts & Issues Anderson & Lowe* 04/03/2014
LAWS6896-105 International & Comparative Criminal Justice Findlay 17/04/2014
LAWS6061-105 International Environmental Law Lyster & Owens* 09/04/2014
LAWS6138-104 International Financial Transactions: Law & Practice de Vries Robbe* 05/02/2014
LAWS6916-103 International Investment Law Brown 24/02/2014
LAWS6857-105 Introduction to Chinese Law Ling 31/03/2014
LAWS6071-103 Labour Law McCrystal 22/01/2014
LAWS6848-103 Law & Healthy Lifestyles Magnusson 07/02/2014
LAWS6932-104 Law & Investment in Asia Butt 10/03/2014
LAWS6252-103 Legal Reasoning & the Common Law System (Group A)
N.B. Only available at the Info Desk, Camperdown Campus
Smith 04/02/2014
LAWS6252-104 Legal Reasoning & the Common Law System (Group B)
N.B. Only available at the Info Desk, Camperdown Campus
Smith 11/02/2014
LAWS6950-8 Plain English in Legal Writing Butt 21/02/2014
LAWS6317-105 Regulation of Corporate Crime Dixon 16/04/2014
LAWS6247-101 Securities & Market Regulation Justice Black* 04/12/2013
LAWS6957-101 Shareholders Remedies Boros* 06/01/2014
LAWS6976-105 The Causation Element Hamer 08/04/2014
LAWS6171-105 US International Taxation Yale* 31/03/2014
LAWS6305-104 Workplace Investigatons Seymour* 24/02/2014
LAWS6096-102 Work Safety Johnstone* 08/01/2014

Semester 1 Semester Length Units

Subject No. Subject Name Lecturer Date Available
LAWS6032-1 Crime, Research & Policy Cashmore & Bargen* 25/02/2014
LAWS6046-1 Equity Financing Hill 24/02/2014
LAWS6048-1 Explaining Crime Clancey 03/02/2014
LAWS6970-1 Forensic Psychology Patterson* 07/02/2014
LAWS6167-1 International Law II Mowbray 11/02/2014
LAWS6037-1 International Import/Export Laws Bennett* 30/01/2014
LAWS6940-1 Theories of Law Walton 21/01/2014
LAWS6122-1 Workplace Bargaining McCrystal 29/01/2014

Text Books

For mail order please fill and fax or email the Textbooks order form (pdf)

Cost ($)
Course unit - Chinese International Tax (LAWS6091)
Corporate Income Tax Law and Practice in the People's Republic of China (Fuli Cao)
Course unit - Comparative Income Tax (LAWS6170)
Global Perspectives on Income Taxation Law (Reuven S. Avi-Yonah, Nicola Sartori, Omri Marian) (Primary Text)
Comparative Income Taxation: A Structural Analysis, 3rd Ed. (Ault/Arnold) (Secondary Text)
Course unit - Comparative International Tax (LAWS6128)
Comparative Income Taxation: A Structural Analysis, 3rd Ed. (Ault/Arnold)
Course unit - Comparative Value Added Tax (LAWS6814)
The Modern VAT (Liam Ebrill, Michael Keen, Jean-Paul Bodin, Victoria Summers)
Course unit – Doing Business in Emerging Markets (LAWS6945)
Doing Business in Emerging Markets–A Transactional Course (Richard N. Dean & Paul B. Stephan)
Doing Business in Emerging Markets–A Transactional Course (Documents Supplement) (Richard N. Dean & Paul B. Stephan)
Course unit - Taxation of Financial Products (LAWS6906)
The Income Tax Treatment of Financial Instruments Theory and Practice (Tim Edgar)
Course unit - Tax Treaties (LAWS6177)
International & EU Tax Law Vol 1 2012/2013 (Kees van Raad)
Course unit - Tax Treaties Special Issues (LAWS6946)
International & EU Tax Law Vol 1 2012/2013 (Kees van Raad)
Course unit - US International Tax (LAWS6171)
International Taxation 3rd Edition (Joseph Isenbergh)

Enquiries about course materials should be directed to the following staff members:

Contract Law and Asian & Pacific Law   Lana Kolta on +61 9351 0264

Corporate and Commercial Law

Aliyah Leung on +61 2 9351 0315

Environmental and International Law

Jeannel Farqharson on +61 2 9351 0398
Criminal Law    Trudy Wiedeman on +61 2 9351 0235
Taxation Nancy Carrasco on +61 2 9351 0282
Health, Family, Employment and Immigration Law   

Lata Britto on +61 2 9351 0297

All other areas of law:

+61 2 9351 0279

General enquiries: Information Desk on +61 2 9351 0351