Most online application forms are now available via the Sydney Student portal in MyUni using your UniKey

Sydney Student is an online "student self-service" system which enables students to manage and view the status of their enrolment, course, fee payments, results and applications at any time. Sydney Student is automated in accordance with the University cycle. It is important to adhere with the closing dates as set out below.

Personal details

Making an application

Prior to starting an application in MyUni using your UniKey please include the two instructions listed under supporting documents:

Supporting documents
  1. obtain all relevant supporting documents as specified in the Sydney Law School guidelines outlined on this page and resolutions of the School.
  2. collate and scan the documents into a single file i.e. one PDF file and upload the file with your online application for formal school assessments.
Application outcome

For all online applications, the School will no longer issue a formal notification letter. Please confirm the status of your application by logging into your application record in MyUni. For further assistance, please contact Law Postgraduate Team

Exemption from compulsory unit

Exemption is not a credit. Awarding of an exemption will not reduce a student’s volume of learning (number of credit points required for course completion). If you are exempt from completing a compulsory or core unit, you will be required to complete another prescribed or elective unit of study in order to fulfil the requirements for your award course.

When to apply

Future students

  1. The application form (pdf) and supporting documents should be attached together with your application for admission via your Sydney Student portal.
  2. Once you have been offered an exemption, you will need to formally accept the offer at the time of completing your enrolment by submitting a request through the Special Permission facility in your Sydney Student portal.
  3. You will need to notify the Law Postgraduate Team which core or elective unit of study you would like to replace with the approved exempt unit.

Current students

  1. Please apply through the Special Permission facility in your Sydney Student portal in MyUni within the early stages of your candidature.
  2. Please provide reasons for your application and supporting documents such as academic transcripts and relevant unit outlines.
  3. Please notify the Law Postgraduate Team which core or elective unit of study you would like to replace with the approved exempt unit.

How to enrol in department permission units

Approval is required from the School before enrolling into units which are held as part of an offshore program or units which are capped or have a class-size restriction as stated in the Sydney Law School timetable. Please submit your application in MyUni by navigating to the "My Studies" then "Apply for special permission" tabs. Successful applicants will be notifed of the outcome by the Law Postgraduate Team approximately two weeks after the application date.

How to enrol in special permission units

An MyUni online application is required if you are seeking:

  1. pre/co-requisite unit waiver
  2. enrolment in an elective unit of study prior to completing the prescribed core unit(s). See completion of your award course and those units as stated in your letter of offer.
  3. enrolment in a unit of study which is not available within your course - students may undertake no more than 25% of special permission units towards completion of their course.
  4. enrolment in more than 24 credit points - the school does not normally consider such application. An applicant must provide strong reasons and satisfactory supporting evidence.

All students must complete at least 50% of their requirements from Sydney Law School units which are specified for their course.

Application checklist
In your application, please indicate your reasons for enrolling in proposed unit and its relevance to your studies. In addition, please provide evidence (e.g. outline relevant past studies or positions held) to demonstrate that you have the relevant academic/professional background to successfully complete the proposed unit.

When to apply
Permission must be obtained at least 6 weeks prior to the start of classes to ensure on time enrolment and access to study resources. For further assistance, please contact Law Postgraduate Team.

Unable to continue your studies?

Student support services


How to suspend or discontinue your studies

After completing your enrolment, if you need to take leave from your studies temporarily, you may apply to suspend your studies for a maximum period of one year prior to the relevant withdrawal census date. Only in exceptional circumstances, a further year of suspension may be considered upon the expiry of the previous suspension. If you do not formally suspend your studies, your candidature may lapse and it will be necessary to re-apply for admission.

If you are unable to continue your studies due to a long term condition, you should consider discontinuing your course and re-apply for admission when circumstances permit.

If you suspend, defer or discontinue your studies in MyUni after the relevant census date, you will not be eligible for a refund of your fees. A “Discontinued – Not to count as Failure" (DC) will be recorded on your academic transcript. For further advice, please contact Law Postgraduate Team

Early exit award

Current students who are unable to continue with their master’s degree may apply for an early exit award and graduate with an embedded graduate diploma. Students may apply to commence a new candidature in the master’s degree when circumstances permit. There should be at least two years break in enrolment before a student may apply for re-admission into a master’s degree. Students who take leave from studies for a shorter period should apply for suspension of candidature. Credit may be granted for previous studies completed less than 10 years from the time of first enrolment.

How to reduce your study load – international students only

Under the ESOS legislation, student visa holders must complete their course within the duration specified on their eCoE. To meet this requirement, student visa holders must enrol in 24 credit points each semester. However, student visa holders may apply to reduce their study load in exceptional circumstances e.g. sudden serious illness or injury. Students should first read the Special consideration guidelines. All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. An application will not be considered until all supporting documents such as Professional Practitioner’s Certificate or Statutory Declaration are provided with your application in MyUni. If your application is successful, your enrolment will be withdrawn or “Discontinued – Not to count as failure” (DC). This may affect your course duration and visa status. If you need further advice, please consult Law Law Postgraduate Team or international compliance officer.

Cross-institutional study (pdf)

Students are not able to complete their entire first semester of studies at another University. In order to be formally enrolled with Sydney Law School and to be granted access to the University library or study resources, you must enrol in one or more units of study at any time. To ensure a decision is made before your enrolment deadline at the host institution, please apply at least 6 weeks in advance.

For further advice, please contact Law Postgraduate Team

Credit for approved units

Credit may be granted for approved units of study completed at the University of Sydney or another recognised University. Credit cannot be granted for units which have been counted towards the basis of another award, units which are not taught at a master’s or equivalent standard or conducted on a distance or online basis. Please refer to resolutions of the School

Credit cannot be granted based on professional experience. A reduced volume of learning may only be considered in recognition of professional experience for longer master’s degrees i.e. Master of Law and International Development which require completion of 72 credit points.

Application checklist
For each unit of study, please provide the following information from the relevant University’s handbook, website or reading guide:

  1. Confirmation that the unit is taught at master’s level in English.
  2. Unit of study outline detailing the content of the unit. Outlines must relate to the session and year in which the unit was/will be undertaken.
  3. Total face-to-face teaching hours of the unit must be approximately 26 hours.
  4. Permission/credit cannot be granted for units conducted on a distance or online basis.
  5. Assessment method (including word length, exam duration, class participation and percentage of final mark for each assessment task).
  6. An official academic transcript and written confirmation of course withdrawal from the previous faculty/University must also be provided.

Prospective students who are seeking admission to a Sydney Law School course must apply in Sydney Student at the same time as submitting their admission application. Current students normally apply after completing their enrolment in MyUni.

When to apply
The credit application due date is closely tied with the student enrolment cycle including graduation. To enable you to make the appropriate adjustments to your enrolment after receiving a credit offer (if eligible), all applications must be received at least 6 weeks before the start of semester.

Late applications may not be accepted and may be postponed to following semester. If you would like to credit your approved cross-institutional units on your academic record, you will also need to comply with this deadline.

How to accept your credit offer
Successful applicants must accept their credit offer in MyUni no later than 2 weeks before the start of semester. If you forget to accept your credit offer, your offer may lapse and it will be necessary to lodge a new application in another semester. See instructions (pdf)

Condition of offer
If your application is successful, you will not be permitted to enrol in another unit of study (at the University of Sydney or elsewhere) with substantial overlap in content.

For further assistance, please contact Law Postgraduate Team

Enrolment in research projects

Eligible master’s students may apply to undertake a research project after successfully completing at least 50% of their course requirements. The application form and guidelines can be found on the relevant course page at Postgraduate Coursework Programs

Student enquiry helpline

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