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About The Program

The Master of Laws (LLM) is Sydney Law School’s flagship postgraduate degree. It is an advanced learning masters degree for law graduates seeking to enhance their learning in the field of law and to develop specialist legal skills and knowledge that are relevant to the practice of law, to the provision of legal services, or to academia.

You can choose from the entire range of units on offer in the Law School’s postgraduate program, making it a highly flexible degree that permits you to tailor a program to suit your academic and professional needs. Further, it allows you to broaden your skills and areas of knowledge in subject areas not previously covered in study or in professional practise and advance your learning in particular areas of law through focused study.

Units are taught by academic staff from the Sydney Law School, honorary academic staff, visiting scholars, and local and international experts. The vast majority of these units are also available to candidates enrolled in other specialised Masters programs, enhancing the interdisciplinary quality of the LLM.

Each unit of study offered within the LLM program will develop your ability to identify, analyse and solve complex legal, ethical and policy issues that are relevant to that area of law.

The program attracts lawyers from a variety of domestic and international jurisdictions, and primarily caters to those working in legal practice. A typical LLM student works as a legal practitioner and is seeking to deepen her or his knowledge in a particular area of law for career advancement or to develop a new area of specialty.

If you do not wish to commit to a full Master's program, but have a law degree and are interested in studying our coursework units, you may want to consider our Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw). In line with our flexible learning objective, you may transfer to the Master of Laws (LLM) if you wish to undertake further study. The minimum course duration is six months for full-time candidates, and one year for part-time candidates.

Applications are still open. However, some units may have restricted class size and may run early in the semester. It is strongly recommended that applicants submit their application on time to avoid disappointment. Please contact the Postgraduate Team for further details.

Please read through How to apply and ensure all relevant application documents are available to upload before applying online:

Graduate Outcomes

Graduates of the LLM will:

  • Possess an excellent and up-to-date knowledge of the law; the skills to understand and contribute to changes in professional practice or scholarship; and an ability to apply their knowledge and skills to new situations.
  • Possess knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to the law, and the ability to undertake substantial research-based projects.
  • Possess cognitive skills such as critical judgement and critical thinking in the learning and application of law to policy, practice and academic pursuits.
  • Possess cognitive, technical and creative skills to recognise, define, analyse, and solve complex legal problems, and to generate and evaluate complex ideas at an abstract level.
  • Use exceptional written and oral communication skills to communicate objective or persuasive conclusions to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • Possess the skills to understand and contribute to changes in professional practice or scholarship, and demonstrate an ability to apply their knowledge and skills to new situations.
  • Demonstrate a high level of personal autonomy and accountability.

Teaching and Learning

Face-to-face learning within the Law School’s postgraduate coursework program typically occurs in intensive, seminar-style environment, with a focus on discussion and debate to develop a robust understanding of the application of legal principles (including legislation and principles emerging from judicial decisions, and other legal sources) to the relevant issue or challenge.

The diverse background and experience of both students and lecturers is a strength of the program; for example, practising lawyers can contextualise the application of legal principles, based on their experience as legal practitioners, whereas international students and members of Faculty can contribute comparative perspectives and knowledge, based on their experience in non-Australian jurisdictions.

In addition, LLM candidates can enrol in a number of offshore units taught as part of Sydney Law School's Offshore Program designed to increase students’ exposure to foreign legal systems and legal cultures.

Masters of Laws (LLM)

Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw)

Program Co-ordinator

Professor Cameron Stewart

Student Administration Enquiries

Postgraduate Team

Areas of Specialisation

The Sydney LLM enables you to select from our extensive collection of specialist units of study.

Admission requirements

An undergraduate degree in law or equivalent at an appropriate level.

Program structure

The Sydney LLM requires 48 credit points, equivalent to eight units of study, for completion. 24 credit points are required for completion of the Graduate Diploma in Law. Credit may be available for units completed towards an equivalent degree at another law school.

Attendance pattern

Each unit of study entails 26 contact hours. Units are offered on a semester length basis or intensive basis. Semester length units are taught once a week over 13 weeks on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening between 6pm and 8pm. Intensive units of study condense the 26 hours over a period of four to five days. The units are then taught between 9am and 5pm over a block period. For example, an intensive unit may be taught two consecutive days one week and then two consecutive days in a fortnight's time.


(from first enrolment)
Master's Coursework FULL-TIME 18-24 CP 6 YEARS*
Graduate diploma FULL-TIME 18-24 CP 3 YEARS*
*Periods of suspension, exclusion or lapsed candidature will be added to the maximum completion times except that no completion time will exceed 10 years from first enrolment. Credit will not be granted for previous studies older than 10 years at the time of first enrolment. If a student is admitted with credit, the Faculty will determine a reduced time limit for completion of the award course.

Units of study

Candidates can choose from the full range of units offered by the Law School in any given year. For the latest offerings, visit the units of study section.

Independent Research Project

 Independent Research Project Closing Dates
Independent Research Project 
 Semester 1
 Semester 2
 30 September
30 April


One of the strengths of the program is its teaching staff, who bring a rich depth of knowledge and experience from professional law practice, teaching and research. Sydney Law School provides a base to pursue the highest standards of innovative scholarship. For further information, visit the Our People section of the website.