Returned Assignments for Postgraduate

Returned assignments are to be collected from the Information Desk, Level 3, Law School Building (F10), Eastern Avenue, Camperdown Campus. Please bring your student card for identification on collection.

This list will be updated progressively.

Semester 1 2014 Assignments

Updated: 17 July 2014

LAWS6165-104 Biodiveristy Law Preston CJ & Preston* 14/07/2014
LAWS6032-1 Crime Research & Policy Cashmore & Bargen* 15/07/2014
LAWS6937-105 Employment Law Advocacy Chin & Raper* 14/07/2014
LAWS6044-108 Environmental Law & Policy Bates & Smith 19/06/2014
LAWS6194-103 Explaining Punishment Crofts 02/05/2014
LAWS6970-1 Forensic Psychology van Golde* 16/05/2014
LAWS6187-1 Functional Analysis of Law & Social Control Ziegert 15/07/2014
LAWS6987-1 Fundamentals of Commercial Law McCracken 03/06/2014
LAWS6912-103 Fundamentals of the Laws of Trusts Glister 23/06/2014
LAWS6896-105 International & Comparative Criminal Justice Findlay 17/07/2014
LAWS6059-103 International Business Law Bath 29/05/2014
LAWS6218-105 International Humanitarian Law Crawford 14/07/2014
LAWS6916-103 International Investment Law (#1 & #2) Brown 14/07/2014
LAWS6243-103 International Law I (Group A) Pert 14/07/2014
LAWS6167-1 International Law II (Group A) Mowbray 20/06/2014
LAWS6879-102 Japanese Law (Reflective Note) Nottage 11/03/2014
LAWS6071-103 Labour Law McCrystal 09/04/2014
LAWS6848-103 Law & Healthy Lifestyles Magnusson 14/07/2014
LAWS6932-104 Law & Investment in Asia Nottage & Butt 27/05/2014
LAWS6047-106 Law of the Sea Stephens 16/07/2014
LAWS6247-101 Securities & Market Regulation Black* 29/04/2014
LAWS6957-101 Shareholders' Remedies Boros* 05/06/2014
LAWS6844-102 US Corporate Law Hill 14/07/2014
LAWS6122-1 Workplace Bargaining McCrystal 14/07/2014
LAWS6305-104 Workplace Investigations Seymour* 15/07/2014
LAWS6096-102 Work Safety Johnstone* 15/04/2014