This page lists the units that we offer within particular specialist areas of law. The units listed here are often available to study in more than one of the specialist degrees and diplomas offered by the Law School. Details about which units can be studied for credit toward which specialist degree program are available on the website for each specialist program. Most of the units listed here can also be taken for credit toward the LLM, GradDipLaw and MGlobL. More details are available on the website. This summary is a guide only. Please seek advice from the Sydney Law School for more information.

Units of Study
Aspects of Law and Justice
Clash of Systems: Indigenous People and the Law
Comparative Law of Evidence
Constitutional Theory
Freedom of Speech: Theoretical and Comparative Issues
Functional Analysis of Law and Social Control
International Human Rights
Japanese Law
Japanese Law and the Economy
Law and Society in Indonesia
The Causation Element
The Judicial Power of the Commowealth
The Legal System of the European Union
Please note that only units of study highlighted are being offered this year.