The units listed below are offered as part of our taxation law speciality. These units are generally available to study in our specialist taxation courses, the Master of Taxation (MTax), Graduate Diploma in Taxation (GradDipTax), and Master of International Taxation (MIntTax),as well as in the Master of Laws (LLM) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw).

Most of these units can also be taken for credit toward the Master of Business Law and the Master of Global Law (MGlobL), and some can be credited towards other specialist degrees and diplomas offered by Sydney Law School.

Students wishing to specialise in taxation law should consult Planning Your Tax Study, which provides detailed guidance about:

Planning Your Tax Study
  • how to plan your taxation law studies
  • which units to choose
  • which courses to take first
  • the order in which courses should be take
  • how to pace your progress, and
  • how to choose a program that furthers your career goals

Note that the Master of Taxation is an approved course for the purpose of claiming income support under Austudy or the Youth Allowance. This does not apply to the other degrees and diplomas, even if you take taxation law subjects towards those courses.

For further advice, please contact the Law Postgraduate Team.

Please note that only units of study highlighted are being offered for 2017

 Units of Study
Australian Import/Export Laws (LAWS6870) (Not offered in 2017)
Australian International Taxation (LAWS6209)
Capital Gains Tax (LAWS6169)
Carbon Trading, Derivatives and Taxation (LAWS6936) (Not offered in 2017)
Chinese International Taxation (LAWS6091)
Comparative Corporate Taxation (LAWS6153)
Comparative Income Taxation (LAWS 6170) (Not offered in 2017)
Comparative International Taxation (LAWS6128)
Comparative Value Added Tax (LAWS6814) (Not offered in 2017)
Corporate Taxation (LAWS6030)
Doing Business in Emerging Markets (LAWS6945)
Economics of Tax Policy (LAWS6984)
Goods and Services Tax Principles A (LAWS6214)
Goods and Services Tax Principles B (LAWS6828) (Not offered in 2017)
GST – International Issues (LAWS6891) (Not offered in 2017)
Independent Research Project (LAWS6147, LAWS6182, LAWS6183)
International Import/Export Laws (LAWS6037)
Interpretation of Statutes and Other Texts (LAWS6326)
Introduction to Australian Business Tax (LAWS6825)
Japanese International Taxation (LAWS6102) (Not offered in 2017)
Law of Asset Protection (LAWS6953)
Law of Not-for-Profits (LAWS6313) (Not offered in 2017)
Law of Tax Administration (LAWS6112) (Not offered in 2017)
Netherlands International Tax (LAWS6151) (Not offered in 2017)
NZ International Taxation (Not offered in 2017)
Principles of US Taxation (LAWS6951) (Not offered in 2017)
Public Policy (LAWS6257)
Stamp Duties (LAWS 6124) (Not offered in 2017)
Tax and Development (LAWS6823) (Not offered in 2017)
Tax Avoidance and Anti-Avoidance (LAWS6965) (Not offered in 2017)
Tax Incentives (LAWS6822) (Not offered in 2017)
Tax Law in Asia and the Pacific (LAWS6200) (Not offered in 2017)
Tax Litigation (LAWS6107)
Tax Treaties (LAWS6177)
Tax Treaties Special Issues (LAWS6946)
Taxation & Regulation of Superannuation (LAWS6127)
Taxation of Business & Investment Income A (LAWS6840)
Taxation of Business & Investment Income B (LAWS6841)
Taxation of Corporate Finance (LAWS6125)
Taxation of Corporate Groups (LAWS6244)
Taxation of Financial Products (LAWS6906) (Not offered in 2017)
Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions (LAWS6892)
Taxation of Offshore Operations (LAWS6129)
Taxation of Partnerships and Trusts (LAWS6118)
Taxation of Real Property Transactions (LAWS6336) (Not offered in 2017)
Taxation of Remuneration (LAWS6009) (Not offered in 2017)
Transfer Pricing in International Taxation (LAWS6123)
The Business of Tax Administration (LAWS6926) (Not offered in 2017)
UK International Taxation (LAWS6109)
US International Taxation (LAWS6171)