Choosing a Destination

What is the difference between a Law School-specific and university-wide exchange?

The Law School-specific and university-wide programs are very similar. Eligibility for both programs is restricted to students in their penultimate or final semester and students can only attend for one semester. The main difference between the programs is the partner institutions. The Law School has developed a relationship with its exchange partners over a number of years and can recommend to students the quality of the legal education at those institutions, and the range and availability of creditable law units. Furthermore, students seeking to study in the US can only do so under the Law School-specific program.

Law School-specific exchange institutions

The following institutions are available for a Law School-specific exchange in 2018:

* Exchange destination in semester 2 only.

University-wide exchange institutions

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For a list of institutions offering law programs as part of the University-wide exchange program, please contact:

Sydney Abroad
Level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building G02
The University of Sydney
(Map reference: G02)
Telephone: 8627 8322