Enrolment and Credit


Following your acceptance of an exchange place, Sydney Law School will nominate you to the host (exchange) institution. You will then need to formally apply to the host institution. This application process varies greatly across universities but Sydney Law School will assist you through the process. You should be aware that the host institution has the final authority to accept or reject applicants.


All law students undertaking an exchange (Law School-specific or university-wide) are enrolled at the University of Sydney in the 24 credit point unit:
LAWS3044 Law International Exchange Electives (LLB students)
LAWS5344 Law International Exchange Electives (JD students)

If you accept an exchange offer you must enrol in this unit through the ‘departmental permission’ container in Sydney Student at the earliest opportunity. It is only possible to enrol in this 24 credit point unit for your exchange.

One of the more important aspects of the exchange process is the approval of your exchange unit selections via . You are required to:

  1. Nominate the units of study you intend to undertake whilst on exchange prior to your departure and have these units approved by the International Associate Dean.
  2. Confirm your unit selections with the International Associate Dean once you arrive and enrol at the host institution. It is also imperative that any variation to your unit selections is approved by the International Associate Dean.

Which units of study can I enrol in while on exchange?

You will only be granted credit for law units of study undertaken on exchange. While you are encouraged to enrol in language units or other units of interest, as this is a law exchange you must ensure you successfully complete the equivalent of 24 credit points of law units. This requires approximately 156 class contact hours across the semester and multiple pieces of assessment per unit of study. In Europe this equates to 30–40 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and in the US equates to 12 ABAs (American Bar Association).

You are not permitted to enrol in any compulsory units while on exchange, including the Jurisprudence (LLB and JD) and International, Comparative and Transnational (JD) elective requirements. Furthermore, you are not permitted to enrol in a unit that is substantially similar to one you have previously completed at Sydney.


Upon completion of your exchange, you will receive an academic transcript from your exchange institution listing the units of study undertaken and the results achieved. It is your responsibility to ensure that Sydney Law School receives this transcript. While some universities automatically send transcripts to the home institution, others do not and students must request a transcript before departure.

Please note that for both Law School-specific and university-wide exchanges, you will not receive a mark or grade on your University of Sydney academic record for your exchange studies. Your record will simply reflect that you have satisfied the requirements of the program. It is important to note that the results you achieve at the exchange institution will not contribute to your WAM.