Completed research theses 2016

Updated: 19 September 2016

Surname Given names Degree Research Supervisor Auxiliary Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Aoun Fady John George PhD Weatherall, K Rolph, D Domestic Stigmatising Trade Marks in the Public Sphere: An Analysis of the Law, Theory and Practice
Beck Luke PhD Irving, H Twomey, A Domestic The Foundations of Section 116 of the Australian Constitution: An Historical and Conceptual Analysis
Cauchi Louise PhD Stewart, C Rolph, D Domestic Cosmetic Surgery and the Law of Negligence: An Infectious Passion for Beauty? The Australian Story
Haider Md Mostafa PhD Johns, F Saul, B International Enacting Equality and Inequality: The Politics of Global Anti-Poverty Programs
Hender Bethany Langman LLM Black, C Edgar, A Domestic The treatment of farm animals in Australia: Are legal standards set in accordance with democratic principles?
Shahid Ahmed PhD Kinley, D Mowbray, J International For Want of Resources: Reimagining the State's Obligation to Use 'Maximum Available Resources' for the Progressive Realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Sas Blanche Wanda Kulczycki PhD Stephens, T Triggs, G Shearer, I International Arctic Ocean Oil Rights: International Law and Sovereign Title
Stitz Fabian LLM Cashman, P Lindgren, K International A Comparative Analysis of Collective Redress in Australia and Germany
Wallace Alexis Margaret PhD Crock, M   Domestic Legal Identity in Australia
Walsh Anna Lee LLM Shackel, R Bennett, B Domestic The Legal Status of Prenatal Life in Australia