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Enrolment Variation must be completed online at MyUni. If, for any reason, MyUni does not accept your request, please complete a Research Enrolment Request Form.

Enrolment in units of study should take place at least 6 weeks prior to the first class. All withdrawal requests must be received no later than:

Unit Session Deadline
Semester 1 units last Friday of March
Semester 2 units last Friday of August
Intensive units close of business on the first day of classes

Change of research candidature

Research students who wish to vary their candidature by way of suspension, withdrawal, change of attendance pattern, time away or extension must complete the Change of research candidature (doc) as soon as practicable and no later than:

  • 15 March for Semester 1 applications
  • 15 August for Semester 2 applications

Requests received subsequent to these dates cannot be considered.

You must seek approval from your supervisor(s) prior to submitting a form together with the required supporting documentation to the Postgraduate Team. You will receive written notification of the outcome.

Appointment of supervisors

All research students must have a research supervisor and auxiliary supervisor at all times. Please complete the Appointment of supervisors (doc) form.

Computer access lab

There is a lab on Level 5 for use by research degree students only. To apply for access, please complete the Application for Access to the Postgraduate Research Computer Lab form and submit this form at the Information Desk, Level 3, Law School.

Notice of intention to submit thesis

Students are requested to give three months’ notice of the expected date of submission of their thesis by submitting the Notice of intention to submit thesis (doc) to allow the School to make arrangements for the timely appointment of examiners. Thesis submission guidelines

Forms for scholarship holders

Research scholarship holders who wish to (re)commence or vary their scholarship by way of suspension, extension, short absence of leave or taking their postgraduate award overseas must complete the relevant Research Office form for Scholarship holders without delay.