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From 1 February 2016, all current student enquiries should be redirected to the
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Application forms

Most online application forms are now available via the Sydney Student portal in MyUni using your UniKey

Sydney Student is a new online “student self-service” system which enables students to manage and view the status of their application, candidature, enrolment, fee payments and results at any time. Sydney Student is automated in accordance with the University cycle. It is important to adhere with the closing dates as set out below.

For all online applications, a formal notification letter will no longer be issued by the Faculty. Please confirm the status of your application by logging into your application record in UniKey

Personal details

Research periods

As from July 2014, the University will introduce new research periods. The four research periods will replace the current two semester format. Students are encouraged to understand the changes prior to proceeding. The changes will not affect your latest completion date. The coursework semester dates for the Legal Research Support units will also remain unchanged.

Making an application

You may submit an application online through the appropriate application facility in your Sydney Student portal in MyUni using your UniKey by selecting the "My Studies" then "Course Details" tabs.

Prior to starting an application, please follow steps 1 and 2 (if applicable).

  1. Supporting form and documents
  2. Student visa and scholarship students
1. Supporting form and documents
  • Submit an Application Support Form (doc) signed by your supervisory team and upload it with your MyUni application together with all other relevant supporting documents.
  • collate and scan the documents into a single file i.e. one PDF file and upload the file with your online application for formal faculty assessments.
2. Student visa and scholarship students

If you are a student visa or scholarship student, please seek appropriate advice regarding the terms and conditions of your visa/award in relevant department prior to making an application:

How to enrol or withdraw from compulsory research support units

Unable to continue your research?

Student support services
How to defer your start date

Commencing students should seek approval to defer their course commencement before your candidature start date. Please go to enrolment pages.

If your circumstances changes after completing at least one research period and you are unable to continue your research work, you should apply for the following:

How to apply for leave of absence (less than one research period)

The leave of absence will not change your latest completion date but may explain any difficulties with your progress or provide background information for a later extension of candidature. You will remain formally enrolled during the leave period. If you are a scholarship holder, your scholarship may be placed on hold while you are on leave. Please provide Supporting form and documents with your MyUni application

How to suspend your candidature

If you are unable to work for three months or longer, you may apply to suspend your candidature for a maximum period of one year (four research periods). The application must be received at least two weeks prior to the census date of the affected research period. Only in exceptional circumstances, a further year of suspension may be considered upon the expiry of the previous suspension. If you do not formally suspend your candidature, your candidature may lapse. Your latest completion date will be adjusted in accordance with the suspension period granted. Please provide Supporting form and documents with your MyUni application. Also, see Re-enrolling students (returning after a period of absence).

How to discontinue your candidature

If you are unable to continue your research due to a long term condition, you should consider discontinuing your course at least two weeks before the census date of the affected research period or as soon as possible and re-apply for admission when circumstances permit.

APA scholarship holders

If you have completed 12 full-time months of your award, you may apply for a maximum of 12 weeks paid maternity or sick leave. The application must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the leave commencement date (if possible). Supporting evidence must be provided. For details, please contact Scholarships Office

Changing your candidature details

Counting time away

There is provision to conduct research or fieldwork in another university or institution during your candidature and also to complete your candidature away from the University of Sydney. See attendance requirements.
Please provide Supporting form and documents with your MyUni application.

Changing your attendance

Students may apply to change their attendance status for a whole research period. The application must be received at least two weeks prior to the census date of the relevant research period. A full-time student is expected to work between 35 and 40 hours on the requirements of their degree per week for 48 weeks per year. A part-time student should work for a proportion period as specified for a full-time candidature over a proportionately longer time. The candidature must not exceed the prescribed maximum course duration. Please provide Supporting form and documents with your MyUni application.

How to extend your candidature

If you are unable to complete your thesis by the latest completion date, you may apply for an extension of your candidature at least 3 to 6 months prior to your candidature lapse. Extensions may be considered up to two research periods (six months). Extensions should not be assumed to be automatically granted. The continuation of candidature is subject to sufficient evidence of satisfactory progress being made towards completing the requirements of the degree.Your application should include strong documented evidence to support your explanation as to why you do not expect to be able to meet the deadline and should describe any difficulties that might have been experienced in your recent candidature. Your application should also contain a revised thesis completion timetable to indicate your realistic estimate of the time you require to finish and ability to complete the thesis within the extended course duration. Please provide Supporting form and documents with your MyUni application.

Principles for assessing extension applications
  1. First extension application: The Associate Dean is to determine whether to approve initial extension applications. These extension applications will generally be granted.
  2. Second and subsequent applications: The Postgraduate Research Committee will determine any second or subsequent application. The Committee will be guided by a principle that generally no more than two extensions are given. The Committee must be provided with the initial extension application, an explanation as to why completion was not achieved in the initial extension period, and a timetable for completion with the supervisors’ assessment of its feasibility.
How to appoint a new supervisor

All research students must be supervised by a supervisory team comprising of a research supervisor and auxiliary supervisor at all times. Please complete the Appointment of supervisors (doc) form and upload the form with your MyUni application.

Current thesis information

You may update your thesis title and abstract in MyUni at any time and until you have lodged your thesis. The information will be published on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) which is given to students with their academic transcript and testamur at graduation. The AHEGS provides information on the course of study undertaken, details of a student’s academic achievements, information on the University at which the degree was undertaken and details of the Australian higher education system.

If you are planning to change the direction of your thesis topic resulting in substantial changes to the content and methodology of your thesis e.g. requiring ethics approval, you must seek approval from your supervisory team and forward a hard copy of the Supporting form and documents to the Sue Ng.

Forms for scholarship holders

Research scholarship holders who wish to (re)commence or vary their scholarship by way of suspension, extension, short absence of leave or taking their postgraduate award overseas must complete the relevant Research Office form for Scholarship holders without delay.

Student enquiry helpline

Sydney Student Support Team

    T: In Australia: 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
    T: Outside Australia: + 61 2 8627 1444

We're available between 9am and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

For international student enquiries, please contact

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