Returned Assignments for Masters Degrees and Diplomas

Returned assignments are to be collected from the Information Desk, Level 3, Law School Building (F10), Eastern Avenue, Camperdown Campus. Please bring your student card for identification on collection.

This list will be updated progressively.

Updated: 26 June 2015

Semester 1 2015

LAWS6032 Crime Research & Policy Cashmore & Bargan 15/05/2015
LAWS6325 Crime, Responsibility and Policy Crofts 18/06/2015
LAWS6974 Development, Law & Human Rights
(Nepal Field School)
David Kinley 05/05/2015
LAWS6893 Environmental Criminology: Space & Place Clancey only. 25/05/2015
LAWS6044 Environmental Law & Policy Bates 21/05/2015
LAWS6321 Fiduciary Duties & Conflicts of Interest Justice Black 13/04/2015
LAWS6979 Financial Issues on Relationship Breakdown
(N.B. Mailed out on 24 June)
Parkinson 23/06/2015
LAWS6187 Functional Analysis of Law and Social Control Ziegert 25/05/2015
LAWS6987 Fundamentals of Commercial Law McCracken 05/06/2015
LAWS6916 International Investment Law Brown 17/06/2015
LAWS6062 International Law & the Use of Armed Force Pert 02/06/2015
LAWS6047 Law of the Sea Stephens 11/06/2015
LAWS6957 Shareholders' Remedies Boros 18/06/2015
LAWS6177 Tax Treaties Vann 11/06/2015
LAWS6127 Taxation and Regulation of Superannuation Carter 26/06/2015
LAWS6125 Taxation of Corporate Finance O'Donnell 16/06/2015
LAWS6123 Transfer Pricing in International Taxation Ogier 04/06/2015
LAWS6122 Workplace Bargaining McCrystal/Justice Ross 28/05/2015