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Studying at university is a time of challenge and opportunity. Students have a lot to get their heads around including a new academic and social environment, different expectations and new freedoms. The Sydney Law School is committed to creating a learning environment that provides students with a world class legal education while supporting broader development and well-being.

It is normal to find studying at university demanding at times. Taking on challenges is a central part of developing new skills and figuring out your way in the world. That said, we all develop with the right combination of challenge and support. In this section of the Sydney Law School website we have tried to provide easy to navigate information about the services and resources available to support students on their educational journey.

Of course, every student is different and will benefit from different supports at different times.
To get the most out of your time at Sydney Law School we encourage you to explore what resources are available and to be proactive about seeking out what you need. Engaging with challenges and addressing issues early can be a powerful force in preventing their escalation.

A good starting point if you have a question or concern is the University website. It includes information about a range of resources and key processes. However, there will be times when the information on the website isn’t enough. In these situations the best starting point will depend on the question or issue. Contact points relevant to a range of academic, administrative and personal issues are provided in the Student Well-being and Support web pages.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program aims to help new students transition into study and life at the University of Sydney Law School. The program has a social focus, and is an opportunity for students to make friends and build networks they can call on during their degree.

Law Student Societies

The Student Societies at Sydney Law School are designed to enhance the student experience for our students. Each is administered and maintained by Sydney Law School's students.

Guide to your future

PASS in Law

PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions. It is a free, peer facilitated learning program which is run in units for students in their first, second and third years of law.

Sydney Law School Learning and Teaching

Sydney Law School Advisers for JD and LLB Students

JD and LLB students can make an appointment with an administrative adviser from the Professional Law Programs Team or with the Associate Dean.

The Professional Law Programs Team is available by appointment to provide JD and LLB students with advice on complex degree-related issues which may be impacting their candidature and can also help students to devise a degree plan if their progression is out of sequence.

The Associate Dean is available by appointment to provide advice to JD and LLB students with poor academic performance who may be failing degree requirements and need to get back on track in terms of their degree progression, including students with repeated DC (Discontinued-Not Fail) requests or repeated special consideration requests.

For further information on how to make an appointment with an adviser please refer to Juris Doctor Enquiries or Undergraduate Enquiries.