International student resources

Studying away from home is a challenge as well as an adventure. In addition to getting your head around the academic challenges of studying law at university, you may have to adjust to a different culture, a new language, and being far away from family and friends. A wide range of services and resources are available to support International students in meeting these challenges.

Please don’t feel like you can only access the available resources if you’re struggling. In addition to support for challenging times the Sydney Law School and the wider University offers a wide range of resources designed to help students develop holistically during their time at university. In some cases taking a proactive approach to developing skills can prevent challenges from escalating in to bigger struggles.

While the resources and services listed on the general student support pages are for all students, including International students, the below suggestions may be of particular relevance to International students. You will also find a wealth of information about resources and services available to International students in the SULS International Guide and the Support for International Students website.

Academic Support

  • For a wealth of information on Legal Writing check out the information on the Law School Learning and Teaching website.
  • For tips on how to approach the academic challenges that come with studying law listen to recordings of the SULS Law School Basics sessions.
  • If the Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program is available for your units of study consider signing up.
  • If you need to develop your academic skills in a particular area then sign up for a Learning Centre Workshop or two. Workshops focus on a range of topics and are designed for students from both an English and non-English speaking background. The workshops available vary throughout the semester.
  • If you would like a private tutor then check out the SULS Tutor Database, a resource designed to help students find a tutor and/or join a study group. Check out the webpage for more information and a list of subjects in which tutors are currently available.
  • See the SULS Education Guide for study tips and student perspectives on honours and postgraduate options, exchange and offshore units, and extra-curricular educational opportunities.

Administration Support

Social Support

English Language Support

Careers and Employment Support