Academic Support

Within Sydney Law School and across the University there are a range of resources and services available to help students find their feet academically. Getting your head around the style of teaching and learning at University and what is expected of you as a law student can take a bit of time.

Broader skill development

Studying at university is about the development of social and emotional skills as well as academic competencies. A growing body of research tells us that these broader competencies are as important to professional success as intelligence. While we pick up skills such as self-awareness, interpersonal competence and managing our emotions along the way in life, we can also be proactive about developing them.

Within Sydney Law School and across the university there are lots of opportunities for developing these broader skills. Taking some time to understand yourself, what’s important to you, and how to go about living a life you value, can have a powerful effect on wellbeing and motivation.

Below we have listed just a couple of examples of the opportunities available for broader skill development across the university:

  • The Learning Centre provides resources for students to build and extend the skills they need for study and research at university. This includes workshops and online resources.
  • Take a proactive approach to developing personal skills for success with a CAPS workshop. As well as a series of individual (face-to-face) workshops covering key wellbeing and study issues, CAPS offer a range of self-help tools, self-help books, and online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) programs.
  • Complete a Personal Development Plan to find out if you are performing effectively in the different areas of your life? Use the plan to discover ways to strike the right study-life balance and get more out of your uni experience.
  • Take an active role in planning your career and obtain advice on developing key employability skills. The university's Career Centre provide career advise and development.
  • Check out the volunteering and leadership opportunities available through SULS and the USU.
  • Explore an area of interest and connect with others in the university community by joining one of the many interesting clubs and societies on campus. Law-specific societies include Sydney University Law Society (SULS), Chinese Law Students Society, and Korean Law Students at the University of Sydney.