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Units by Special Application

Master's Units

LLB students in their final year (upon completion of 96 credit points) are eligible to enrol in a maximum of 24cp of Master’s electives, in lieu of LLB electives, selected from a list of approved units for the LLB program. Enrolment in these units is subject to enrolment quotas and any unit pre-requisite or assumed knowledge. For a complete list of Master’s units available to LLB students please refer to:

When selecting Master's units please remember to check the 2017 Postgraduate Timetable so that there is no clash of class times with your other enrolled units. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the attendance requirement for all units of study.

To enrol in a Master's unit, you will need to apply for special permission in Sydney Student. It is advisable to enrol in an alternative LLB elective unit whilst your Master's request is being considered, in case you do not receive a place in the Master's unit.

Offshore Units

If you would like to enrol in any of the following offshore units you should register your interest by email with the Offshore Unit of Study Coordinator: