Returned Assignments for Undergraduate

Returned assignments are to be collected from the Information Desk, Level 3, Law School Building (F10), Eastern Avenue, Camperdown Campus. Please bring your student card for identification on collection.

This list will be updated progressively.

Updated: 28 May 2015

Semester 1 2015

LAWS2010 Administrative Law ALL 25/05/2015
LAWS3404 Advanced Criminal Law Loughnan 28/04/2015
LAWS3412 Australian Income Tax Burch 21/04/2015
LAWS1015 Contracts ALL 22/05/2015
LAWS3478 Development, Law, & Human Rights
(Nepal Field School)
Kinley 05/05/2015
LAWS3430 Environmental Law Owens 21/05/2015
LAWS3454 Equity & Financial Risk Allocation Stumbles 05/05/2015
LAWS3432 Family Law Parkinson 26/05/2015
LAWS2011 Federal Constitutional Law Gerangelos 14/05/2015
LAWS1006 Foundations of Law ALL 28/05/2015
LAWS3445 Insolvency Stumbles 05/05/2015
LAWS3436 International & Comparative Jurisprudence Ziegert 18/05/2015
LAWS3475 Philosophy of International Law Sevel 27/05/2015
LAWS2018 Private International Law A (Class Test) Anderson 25/05/2015
LAWS3462 Sociological Theories of Law Ziegert 18/05/2015
LAWS3495 The Rule of Law & its Value Sevel 19/05/2015
LAWS3496 US Constitutional Law
(optional assessment)
Irving 28/04/2015