Application for Social Justice Legal Clinic A & B

The Social Justice Legal Clinic will be offered in 2016 as an early intensive unit as well as two semester-length units:

Early Intensive
Social Justice Legal Clinic A LAWS3461/5161– only available at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC).
3 February 2016 - Orientation day
8 - 11 February 2016 - Lectures
12 - 26 February 2016 - Placement days

Applications open: Tuesday 8 December 2015
Applications close: Monday 4 January 2016

Semester Length
Social Justice Legal Clinic A LAWS3461/5161 - One day per week placement plus a 2 hour weekly seminar during Semester 1, 2015. See details of placement sites below.

Applications open: Tuesday 8 December 2015
Applications close: Friday 30 January 2016

Semester Length
Social Justice Legal Clinic B LAWS3431/5131 - One day per week placement plus a 2 hour fortnightly seminar during Semester 2, 2016. See details of placement sites below.

Applications open: Tuesday 8 December 2015

If you are interested in applying for either the early intensive or the semester-length units please apply for departmental permission at Sydney Student. You should enrol in an alternative 2016 unit until you are notified of the outcome of your application.

Selection Criteria

You must be entering your penultimate or final year of the Bachelor of Laws or final year of the Juris Doctor in 2016 in order to be eligible for these units.


Social Justice Legal Clinic A and Social Justice Legal Clinic B are graded units of study. The final grade will be based on a combination of written assessment, seminar performance, class participation and evaluation of the clinical placement by the provider.

Placement sites

After receiving confirmation that you have been enrolled, you will obtain access to the LMS where (in the case of the semester-long units) you can rank your preferences for placement sites or areas. You will be allocated on the basis of preferences and availability of places.

By applying to enrol in this unit of study, you should acknowledge and accept that for the semester length sessions you may be placed at any of the available placement sites. The current available placement sites are:

Other law / social justice internships may be accepted in lieu of the above placements. Criteria for approval of these internships are being developed. Please contact Professor Cashman for further information.

Unit of Study description

The Social Justice Program will arrange for students enrolled in the cunit to work with various organisations which have agreed to participate in the Program (see placement sites above). Through such organisations students will be exposed to real world cases and participate in a structured seminar program dealing with social justice issues and aspects of public interest law.

Hands-on experience with cases, clients and/or policy and research projects will be obtained via on site social justice placements. Students will attend seminars designed to provide them with the basic knowledge and skills required to participate in a working clinical legal organisation, and cover legal issues specific to the placement sites. The seminars will encourage discussion and reflection on the range of issues that may arise during the course of the placement.

At the end of the unit students should have:

  1. enhanced their ethical, social and professional understanding of the practice of law;
  2. improved their ability to recognise, define and analyse legal problems flowing from real case files, and to identify and create processes to solve them;
  3. observed and practised communication and inter-personal skills involved in the practice of law;
  4. been introduced to aspects of legal practice such as legal writing, research, client interaction, advocacy and time management;
  5. had the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively with legal professionals in a flexible learning environment, in a way that is informed by openness, curiosity and a desire to meet new challenges.


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