Postgraduate Law @ Sydney - How to apply

Frances Leitch, Master of Laws (LLM)

“After having been in practice for a couple of years, I enrolled in the Master of Laws at the University of Sydney Law School to build up my technical expertise and develop a more specialised practice. I have found it a refreshing experience to go back to university to consolidate and develop my learning by being academically engaged and challenged. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from, which are exciting, practical and engaging, including overseas courses, comparative law courses and those taught by practitioners and experts from foreign jurisdictions.”
Frances Leitch, Master of Laws (LLM)

Making an application

Domestic Students >>

You should apply as a Domestic student, if you are:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen,
  • a permanent resident of Australia, or
  • a holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.

International Students >>

You should apply as an International student if you are NOT:

  • an Australian citizen,
  • a New Zealand citizen,
  • a dual citizen of any country with Australia or New Zealand, or
  • a permanent resident of Australia.

If you meet any of these criteria you are considered to be a domestic student.

You are an International student if you hold a permit for temporary entry to Australia. For example, if your status is: overseas student, permanent resident of New Zealand, diplomat, temporary resident holding a work permit, refugee, a dependant of any of the above, etc.