Postgraduate Timetable

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Conditions of Enrolment
Despite any publication or announcement, the University of Sydney Law School may change or cancel arrangements for courses or units of study, including in respect of staffing, content or location. The University will use reasonable endeavours to update the timetable with respect to any cancellation or change. The University will not be liable to any student for any consequential loss suffered as a result of cancellation or change, including travel or other costs incurred. Please refer to this page regularly for the latest information, particularly if you are enrolled in an intensive unit.

Enrolment in offshore units
Students who intend to undertake units which are taught offshore must ensure they hold an appropriate visa and/or approval from their sponsor to fund any additional expenses prior to accepting their offer of admission.

Postgraduate Units of Study

Please check the Postgraduate Law Timetable to confirm the availability of a unit. For assistance with specific timetable enquiries, please contact Law Postgraduate Team.

2017 Postgraduate units of study by alphabetical order

2017 Units of study by commencement and month

Postgraduate Units by Course


Graduate Diplomas

Postgraduate Units of Study Descriptions

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IMPORTANT NOTE ON ASSESSMENT: Students must make a satisfactory attempt of all assessment tasks set out for their units of study in order to obtain a Pass mark and grade (or above); otherwise an Absent Fail grade will be recorded as the student’s result

Please note: a unit or units of study totalling at most 12 credit points, which have been completed in the Law School as a single unit study(s), may be credited towards a postgraduate law award course on terms the Postgraduate Coursework Committee determines from time to time.