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Welcome to the Sydney Law School and the Sydney Juris Doctor (JD). The JD is widely recognised in Australia, the United States, Canada, Asia and Latin America as a postgraduate professional-entry law degree and builds pathways to international and transnational careers for our graduates.

What is special about the Sydney JD?

The strong global focus of the Sydney JD on international, comparative and transnational aspects of law is unique in Australia. The JD will include all the core subjects for admission to practice in Australia but will also require students to study Public and Private International Law. Our aim is to equip lawyers for the globalised legal environment of the 21st century so that they can move with confidence across national boundaries when providing legal advice.

Whether our graduates choose to work in Australian cities or overseas, in rural or suburban practice, in government, not-for-profit organisations or commerce, we aim to provide them with the analytical, ethical and problem solving skills required in today’s global legal environment. In every field of law one is increasingly faced with cross-border issues.

They may, for example, wish to pursue a graduate position with the United Nations, European Union, World Bank or WTO where they will be required to advise on other legal systems and regional and multilateral regimes. They may wish to undertake an LLM or doctoral studies at Harvard or NYU , where the recognition of the JD as a postgraduate qualification will assist in admission and recognition for the Bar in New York or California.

What is the difference between the JD and our undergraduate LLB?

Both degrees include the subjects required for practice and both have an international focus. However, the JD is taught at a postgraduate level and as a single degree, usually over three years, compared with the LLB that must be studied in combination with another undergraduate degree over five or six years.

The primary advantages of the JD are its global focus and recognition internationally as a postgraduate professional law degree. The Sydney JD advantage is that your legal education will equip you with an international, comparative and transnational understanding of the law.