The Sydney Juris Doctor (JD) - How to apply

This section details the application and admission information for the Sydney JD program.

Domestic students

International students

Special admission

For all other information, such as details on Mature Age entry, contact the University of Sydney Admissions Office.

Dougal Phillips, Juris Doctor (JD)

"After graduating from the University of Sydney Law School, having studied US Corporate Law as a Masters Elective in my final year of JD in 2015, I currently work in the Legal Department at GE Capital, in Norwalk, Connecticut. GE Capital is the financial/banking/lending arm of General Electric, one of the largest companies in the world.

"It was only thanks to my intensive study of US Corporate Law with Professor Jennifer Hill that I was able to move smoothly into this role from studying at Sydney, as my Australian Corporations Law core was only very generally applicable, if at all.

"In this role I am called upon to provide direct support to Senior Counsel for GE Capital: drafting letters, Confidentiality Agreements and Protective Orders; negotiating with attorneys across the US; and reviewing Complaints in lending litigation. A large part of my job involves corporate research into outside entities as well as into the many subsidiaries of GE and GE Capital. Having an understanding of US state corporate law was vital to being able to quickly grasp the complexities of entities incorporated in Delaware or New York and operating in any and all of the 50 US states. I am asked to work on corporate compliance in reviewing and preparing minute books, bylaws and incorporation certificates, as well as on archive management reviewing decades’ worth of deal documents, assignments, and incorporation materials. For all of this I am very happy to have taken US Corporate Law with Professor Hill and recommend to others to do the same!"

Dougal Phillips, Juris Doctor (JD) – Litigation Paralegal, GE Capital, Connecticut, USA