Juris Doctor – Application

Applications for the JD are through the postgraduate portal of the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) website

UAC codes for the Sydney Juris Doctor are:

Juris Doctor Commonwealth Support Place (CSP)  980200 
Juris Doctor Domestic Full Fee (DFEE) 980205

You may wish to apply for either or both.

Applications for 2015 open on Thursday, 4 September 2014.

Juris Doctor – Entry

You will need to a have a degree in another discipline to apply for entry into the JD. Entry will be competitively based and you will be assessed on academic performance only. The criteria are 25% ATAR or equivalent and 75% tertiary grade point average. If you have more than one degree, the tertiary record will be assessed on the best degree.

Your chances may be improved if you have completed a research degree, a masters’ coursework degree or an honours degree. If you do not have an ATAR or equivalent you will be assessed on your tertiary record alone.

Juris Doctor – Transfer from another Juris Doctor

If you have completed at least one year or equivalent of a juris doctor you will be assessed on the grade point average for your first year. You will not be considered for entry if you have completed more than one year of study in a juris doctor at another institution. You will require a distinction grade point average for a Commonwealth Supported Place. You will require a credit grade point average for a domestic full fee place.

Juris Doctor – Transfer from Full Fee to CSP

If you accept a full fee place in the Juris Doctor you can reapply the following and subsequent years for a CSP place. You will have to complete at least one year or equivalent. You will be assessed on your grade point average for your first and subsequent years. You will require a distinction grade point average.

Important dates for JD offer rounds via UAC - Domestic Students

Please note dates of offer have been revised

Offers Dates
Early Round 9:00AM, Thursday 11 December 2014
January Round 9:00AM, Thursday 15 January 2015
Late Round 9:00AM, Thursday 5 February 2015

Please note: Accepting an earlier offer from another Law School will not affect your Sydney JD application. You will still receive an offer if you are eligible. Accepting a fee offer from Sydney does not affect your CSP preference. You will be assessed if places are still available in later rounds.