Miles Lee, Juris Doctor (JD)


"I believe the uniqueness of the University of Sydney Law School and its Juris Doctor resides in its offering of an all-round experience that is as diverse as it is rigorous. The seminar-style teaching promotes a strong collegiate atmosphere, and the high academic standards enforce a high level of critical analysis that gives you the legal skills to excel professionally."

Miles Lee - Juris Doctor (JD)

Juris Doctor – Cadigal Alternative Entry Program

The Cadigal Alternative Entry Program is both a special entry scheme and an academic support program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants from all types of academic backgrounds. It is available for admission into all of the University’s undergraduate courses that are offered through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

The program aims to encourage greater participation in tertiary education by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. However, like all the University’s application schemes, applying under this program is optional. You do not have to apply through this program just because you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicant.

The program is managed by Student Support Services for the majority of the University’s courses.

If you are interested in applying for consideration under this program please visit the Cadigal Program page on the Student Services website

Juris Doctor - Special Consideration for Admission

If you have a poor ATAR or equivalent, need to explain a poor secondary record, or believe your tertiary studies have been significantly affected by misadventure, illness or other compelling circumstances, you may be eligible for admission under special consideration.

Note that this is not an application for admission. Please apply separately through UAC before submitting the form below for special consideration.