Sydney JD student, Allegra Geller from Canada on why she selected Sydney Law School

What's a Juris Doctor?
The JD is increasingly recognised internationally as the professional entry law degree for graduates. It is a professional master's degree by coursework for professional accreditation.

Can I use the title 'doctor' when I finish?
No, it does not confer this title.

What's the difference between an LLB and a JD?
Both degrees are intended to lead to professional accreditation to practise law. You would undertake an LLB if you are commencing your law studies from high school. You would undertake a JD if you have already obtained your first degree and are commencing law as a graduate.

What do I study?
For professional accreditation, you must complete compulsory units of study known as the 'Priestley 11'. At Sydney, we add 2 additional units of study - Public International Law and Private International Law A to emphasise the importance of law as an international, transnational and global profession. You will also have to complete 7 electives. Please refer to the Program structure section of the web site for full details.

What Electives do I study?
You will have a wide range of electives from which to choose. There will be a strong emphasis on international law and you may choose some units from the Law School's extensive postgraduate coursework units of study. You will complete 7 electives and will be able to choose from 3 tables of electives as follows:

  • A minimum of one unit of study from the Juris Doctor Table A (comprising international, comparative, transnational units);
  • A maximum of five unit of study from the Juris Doctor Table B;
  • A minimum of one unit of study from the Juris Doctor Table C (jurisprudence units).

Please refer to the Program structure section of the web site for full details

How do I apply? Domestic students
You apply through UAC
Applications open in September for entry in February 2015. More information will follow.

UAC codes are:

Juris Doctor Commonwealth Support Place (CSP) 
Juris Doctor Domestic Full Fee (DFEE) 

How do I apply? International students

You apply online

Applications close at the end of October for entry in February 2015 although late applications may be accepted.

Degree and CRICOS codes are:

Degree and CRICOS codes
Juris Doctor Degree Code
Juris Doctor CRICOS Code

What Grades do I need?
As a guide, you will most likely need an ATAR in the 90s and a grade point average in the high credit range for a CSP place but slightly lower for a DFEE place. The final cut off may vary depending on the quality of applicants in the year that you apply.

If you are an international applicant, you will need the equivalent of a minimum gpa of 2.8 on the 4 point scale.

Can I transfer from a full fee place to CSP?
Yes you can. But you will be competitively assessed against other applicants for the year in which you apply. You can apply at the end of you first full-time year or equivalent, and at the end of subsequent years if you are unsuccessful. Applications are through UAC. You must have a distinction grade point average in your JD studies.

Can I transfer from another Juris Doctor?
If you have completed at least one year or equivalent of a juris doctor you will be assessed on the grade point average for your first year. You will not be considered for entry if you have completed more than one year of study in a juris doctor at another institution. You will require a distinction grade point average for a Commonwealth Supported Place. You will require a credit grade point average for a domestic full fee place.

What credit do I get?
You would normally be given credit of up to one year or 48 credit points. This will be determined after you receive an offer, and will depend on what have studied compared with the Sydney JD.

Can I get credit for completed masters law units of study?
You may be awarded credit for up to 2 advanced masters level units of study that have been undertaken at Sydney Law School or at another law school as long as they have not been counted towards an already completed degree and are taught by a law school, in a law degree. Credit will be determined on a case by case basis.

Can I transfer from an LLB into a JD?
Yes you can but you will be assessed on your best completed degree in another discipline and will not be given credit for any law units counted toward an undergraduate degree. Applications are through UAC.

How much does it cost?
Student contributions and fees quoted are per year and are subject to change. You should check the website for the latest fee information.

Domestic CSP student contribution
$10,266 (2015 Rate)
Domestic full fee 
$36,000 (2015 Rate)
International fee  
$42,000 (2015 Rate)

Is HECS Help and Fee Help available?
If you are an Australian citizen you may defer your student contribution through HECS-HELP for CSP students or your fees through FEE-Help for full fee students. Please visit the Australian Government website Study Assist for more information. Please note there are limits on the amount you may borrow but information is available on the same website.

What scholarships are available?
There are the Wigram Allen Scholarships for the Juris Doctor. The scholarships are each worth $6000 and are for one year only, except for the Merit scholarship which is for the duration of the degree. Scholarships available are as follows:

Wigram Allen Scholarships for the Juris Doctor - Merit
Wigram Allen Scholarships for the Juris Doctor - Entry (x2)
Wigram Ailen Scholarships for the Juris Doctor - Access
Wigram Allen Scholarships for the Juris Doctor -International.

Please visit the Scholarships website for more information on how to apply

Can I study part - time?
Yes you can. There are limited places available for both Domestic CSP and DFEE students. You will be given the chance to apply for a part time place when you accept your place into the JD. You will be required to undertake 4 units of study for the academic year. Classes will be held in the evening. Please refer to the Program structure section of the web site for full details.

Can I defer?
No, you cannot defer. If you are unable to accept your offer you will have to apply again through UAC for the next year.

Is there mid-year entry
No, there is no mid-year entry

When do I start?
You will commence the first unit of study Foundations of Law in late February 2015 - see Important Dates

Is the Sydney JD accredited by the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB)?
Yes. The Legal Professional Admission Board (LPAB) accredited the Sydney Juris Doctor (JD) on 28 September 2010, effective 1 January 2011.

Is the Sydney JD a masters degree?
Yes, under the Australian Qualifications Framework the Sydney JD is regarded as an AQF level 9 Masters Degree (Extended).