Peer Mentoring Program – Mentor FAQs

How do I know when the training session is? How long will it go for?

The training session will go for 1-2 hours. We are developing online training materials so we can get the most out of the face-to-face training time.

The Mentoring Program Coordinator will keep you informed via email of the training date, time and location.

Do I get paid?

Mentoring is a voluntary role designed to assist students in settling in to the University learning community. Although you will not be getting any payment, some of the many benefits you will gain are; leadership skills, social skills, certificates, free social events and prizes such as movie and Co-Op vouchers.

When do I meet my mentees?

As a mentor you will mentor either JD students or LLB students depending on your program of study and experience. There will be launch events for both these groups of students in February at the end of their Orientation and Induction Session. For JD students this is two weeks prior to the start of semester. For LLB students this is the Wednesday in O-Week. This is the time when you will get to know your mentees and answer any questions they might have about University life. You will be provided with information on these events via email and at the training session.

How many meetings should I have with the group?

The Mentoring Program recommends two meetings. Most of the value for new students is in the initial session after their Orientation and Induction session. You are encouraged to invite your mentees to the mentoring program event in week 1 to check in again. This will help you build a rapport with your mentees and also build their confidence in regards to meeting other students. You are welcome to organise other sessions if your mentees would like to meet again later in the semester.

What if no one wants to participate in activities?

You can only encourage your mentees to participate; you cannot force them to do anything they don’t want to. Usually the mentee is a new local or international student and very nervous about starting at a new university or coming to a new country. Try and gently encourage them to participate this will help them to feel part of the learning community.

When will the events take place?

This changes from year to year, but usually within the first few weeks of semester.

Can we organise our own events?

Absolutely - we encourage you to organise additional outings and/or meetings with your mentees.