Pathways from the Sydney LLB or Sydney JD to the Oxford BCL or MLF

Sydney Law School has entered into an agreement with Oxford Law that will allow high achieving students to be offered early admission into the Bachelor of Civil Law or the Master’s in Law and Finance. Instead of completing the final semester of law at Sydney you will commence either the BCL or the MLF. At the successful completion you will be awarded the Sydney LLB or JD.

Am I eligible to apply?
You can apply if you have completed 4 semesters of law study at Sydney in either the LLB or the JD and will have undertaken all compulsory requirements prior to enrolment at Oxford (including the Jurisprudence and International/Comparative/Transnational elective requirments.

Students undertaking a law exchange are not eligible to apply. If you have accepted an exchange place and subsequently withdraw as a result of an acceptance to Oxford you will not gain credit towards the Sydney LLB or JD under this agreement.

How do I Apply?
You apply directly to Oxford. You can find information about how to apply by going to then follow the ‘How to apply’ link

What is the Closing Date?
Applications close January 2013.

What are the Admission Criteria?
You will be assessed on 4 semesters of academic results in the Sydney LLB or Sydney JD. In other words, you will have completed all units of study up until the end of 4th year in Combined Law, or 2nd year Graduate Law, or 2nd year Juris Doctor.

When do the Oxford degrees start?
You will commence your studies in September 2012. By that stage, you will have completed 5 semesters of law study at Sydney. Should you be accepted you need to contact the Law School so that you studies at Sydney may be suspended while you complete your studies at Oxford.

Where can I find information about the BCL and the MLF?
Please visit the Oxford Law BCL page for more information on degree structures, costs and other requirements.