The Sydney Juris Doctor (JD) - Prizes

Sydney Law School Prizegiving Ceremony

The Sydney Law School is undertaking a major review of all prizes and scholarships.

Conditions of award and value of these prizes and scholarships may vary as a consequence of this review.

Additional Prizes will be available shortly.

* Prize value for units completed in 2012.

# LLB and JD students considered for prize.

Updated: 14 May 2013




Caroline Munro Gibbs Prize # Proficiency in Torts $550*
George and Matilda Harris Scholarship IIA Proficiency in 2nd Year of Juris Doctor $2000*
LexisNexis Prize No. 4 Proficiency in law units in Year 1- JD Book Voucher
LexisNexis Prize No.6 Proficiency in law units in Year 2 - JD Book Voucher
Peter Paterson Prize # Best contribution to Sydney Law Review $170*
Sir John Peden Memorial Prize # Proficiency in Foundations of Law, Federal Constitutional Law, Public International Law, and Real Property $1300*
Thomas P Flattery Prize # Proficiency in Roman Law $0*