If you are pursuing your doctoral candidature outside Sydney, you must complete a minimum of two semesters within the University before submission of your thesis. This need not be immediately prior to submission or a continuous two-semester period. Masters candidates must complete a minimum of one semester within the University.

All research candidates are required to attend the thesis support units, namely, Legal Research 1, 2 and 3. Classes and presentation seminars are held at Sydney Law School. These units are designed to assist you in planning and executing your thesis project and to expedite progress. Special arrangements may be made for attendance by interstate candidates.

There is provision to spend time in another university or institution during your candidature and also to complete your candidature away from the University of Sydney. If you wish to apply for time away or to complete your thesis away, the approval of your supervisor must be sought and the Law School informed of what arrangements have been made for your continued supervision. Supervision arrangements will be reviewed annually. Scholarship holders should check the conditions of their scholarship with the Research Training Office before requesting time away. Student visa holders should consult with the , International Student Office.