Completed research theses 2017

Updated: 27 September 2017

Surname Given names Degree Research Supervisor Auxiliary Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Beesley Julie Patricia PhD Murray, L Mason, G Domestic Organised Chaos: Bringing Complexity To Criminology And The Study Of Organised Crime, Terrorism And The Crime-Terror Nexus
Dicker Nicole Lee PhD Saul, B Kinley, D Domestic Effective Development Aid for Transitional Justice: Lessons from Guatemala, Kenya and Solomon Islands
Fallah Katherine Louise PhD Saul, B   Domestic Making War and Making Law: The Generation of International Legal Norms to Regulate Private Military Violence
Horne Alexander Edward LLM Walton, K Sevel, M Domestic How Should We Think About Law? Is Constructive Interpretation Necessary And Can It Generate Truths?
Orchiston Tashina Alice PhD McCrystal, S Crofts, T Domestic Brothels as Workplaces: Exploring Labour Regulation and Compliance in Australia's Legal Sex Industry
Saint Caroline PhD McCrystal, S Carney, T Domestic A Day (Nearly) Like Any Other: Healthcare Work in an Influenza Pandemic
Sunil Raj Senthorun PhD Loughnan, A   Domestic Reading Emotion: Queer Injury, Intimacy, and Identity in Pro-LGBTI Cases