Completed research theses

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Updated: 21 April 2016

2016 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Research Supervisor Auxiliary Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Beck Luke PhD Irving, H Twomey, A Domestic The Foundations of Section 116 of the Australian Constitution: An Historical and Conceptual Analysis
Haider Md Mostafa PhD Johns, F Saul, B International Enacting Equality and Inequality: The Politics of Global Anti-Poverty Programs
Hender Bethany Langman LLM Black, C Edgar, A Domestic The treatment of farm animals in Australia: Are legal standards set in accordance with democratic principles?
Shahid Ahmed PhD Kinley, D Mowbray, J International For Want of Resources: Reimagining the State's Obligation to Use 'Maximum Available Resources' for the Progressive Realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Sas Blanche Wanda Kulczycki PhD Stephens, T Triggs, G Shearer, I International Arctic Ocean Oil Rights: International Law and Sovereign Title
Walsh Anna Lee LLM Shackel, R Bennett, B Domestic The Legal Status of Prenatal Life in Australia

2015 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Research Supervisor Auxiliary Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Arcioni Elisa Rachel PhD Irving, H   Domestic 'The people' in the Australian Constitution: more than a vague and emotionally powerful abstraction
Bell Felicity Jane PhD Cashmore, J Parkinson, P Domestic Independent children's lawyers in family law disputes: 'All care and no responsibility'?
Chen Nicholas Edward SJD Crock, M Allars, M Domestic Procedural fairness in judicial review of migration decisions: The evolution of a fundamental common law principle
Connolly Rebecca Leanne PhD Lyster, R Triggs, G Domestic The fragmentation of international law has given rise to a conflict of jurisdiction for trade disputes involving agricultural biotechnology products
Crossley Penelope Jane PhD Stephens, T Carney, T Domestic Re-conceptualising renewable energy law: A comparative study of the national laws used to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy
Davis Robert Brent PhD Hill, J / Findlay, M   Domestic The Law and Econom(etr)ics of Corruption
Ghezelbash Daniel PhD Crock, M   Domestic Shifting sands and refugee boats: The transfer of immigration control measures between the United States and Australia
Jones Keith PhD Ziegert, A Birch, C Domestic Detecting the undetected: A sociological theory of law inquiry into structural deficits for analysing politics and law working
Jorgensen Malcolm Andrew PhD Stephens, T   Domestic American foreign policy ideology and the rule of international law: Contesting power through the International Criminal Court
Lo Stefan Huoy Cheng PhD Hill, J, Fisse, B Domestic In search of corporate accountability: Liabilities of corporate participants
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai PhD Kinley, D Saul, B International Understanding Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility: Vietnam's Response to Global Pressure
Owens Katherine Anne PhD Lyster, R   Domestic Environmental water transactions under regulatory capitalism: The role of law
Rivlin Lorraine Patricia PhD Smith, B   Domestic Carer's Responsibility Discrimination Protections under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW): An Evaluation of the First Decade 2001-2011
Tait Fiona Mary MCrim Stubbs, J Shackel, R Domestic Testaments of transformation: The victim impact statement process in NSW as experienced by victims of crime and service professionals
Then Shih-Ning PhD Carney, T Cashmore, J Domestic Regenerative Tissue Transplantation from Children: Legal Protection, Medical Ethics and Practice
Watson James Allan PhD Peden, E Tolhurst, G Domestic The Duty to Account 
Zetler Julie Anne SJD Carney, T Krayem, G Domestic The legal and ethical implications of electronic patient health records and e-health on Australian privacy and confidentiality law

2014 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Research Supervisor Auxiliary Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Amos Jude Thaddeus PhD Vann, R Cooper, G International Taxation in a Globalizing World: A Tax Treaty-Consistent Alternative for Taxing Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa
Barnett Martha Rebecca Marie PhD Parkinson, P Shackel, R Domestic Evolution: Procedural Innovation in Abduction Convention Determinations in Australia
Berg Laurie Ada PhD Crock, M McCallum, R Domestic Whose Rights at Work? Addressing Precariousness in Temporary and Unauthorised Migrant Labour in Australia
Clancey Garner Robert PhD Lee, M Chappell, D Domestic Implications of a Local Case Study for Crime Prevention Practice, and Criminology's 'Grand Narratives'
De Silva Allenisheo Lalanath Mark PhD Boer, B Stephens, T International International Conflict Related Environmental Claims - A Critical Analysis of the UN Compensation Commission
Hominh Yarran Dylan Khang LLM (H1) Irving, H Walton, K Domestic What Do Constitutions Do, and How Do They Do It? An Analysis of Constitutions as Performative Utterances
Porter Amanda Jayne PhD Loughnan, A O'Malley, P Domestic

Decolonising Juvenile Justice: Aboriginal Patrols, Safety and the Policing of Indigenous Communities

Reeve Belinda Helen PhD Magnusson, R   Domestic The Food Pyramid Meets the Regulatory Pyramid - Responsive Regulation of Food Advertising to Children
Renshaw Catherine Michelle PhD Kinley, D Saul, B, Mowbray, J Domestic Human Rights and Regionalism in Southeast Asia
Steele Linda Roslyn PhD Loughnan, A & Savell, K Findlay, M Domestic Disability at the Margins: Diversion, Cognitive Impairment and the Criminal Law
Townsley Lesley LLM (H2) Mason, G Kevin, W Domestic Thinking and Feeling like a Lawyer: Introducing Knowledge about Emotion into Legal Ethics Education

2013 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Research Supervisor Auxilary Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Abdul Kadir Rizal SJD Stephens, T Riley, J International Joint Development and the Law of the Sea
Cunningham Jesse PhD Ziegert, A Walton, K Domestic Punishment as Acratic Action: Justification as Self-Reference and the Social Structure of Conflict
D'Angelo Nuncio Enrico PhD McCracken, S Riley, J Domestic The Trust: From Guardian to Entrepreneur - Why the Changing Role of the Trust Demands a Better Legal Framework for Allocating Stakeholder Risk
George Katrina Mary PhD Magnusson, R Stewart, C Domestic Hard Cases: Re-Conceptualising the Legal Control of Euthanasia and End-of-Life Choices within a Motor Neurone Disease Unit
Hanif Nafis Muhamad PhD Findlay, M O'Mally, P International Crime Business in Asian Markets: Capital Cycle Analysis of Media Piracy and Human Smuggling
He Juan PhD Triggs, G Brown, C International Infant Industry Promotion in the World Trade Organization Revisited: China's Construction of Large Civil Aircrafts
Lopez Carlos Scott PhD Astor, H Magnusson, R Domestic Managing Complex Law Reform: Applying a Best Practice Framework to Western Australia's Public Health Law Reform Efforts and Better Serving Australia's Indigenous Peoples
Lu Lin PhD Karpin, I Rolph, D International Reform of Chinese Film Censorship: What China can Learn from the Experience of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America
McCay Allan John PhD Findlay, M   Domestic Behavioural Genetics, Moral Agency and Retributive Sentencing: The Case of Mitigation
Nasrijal Nasreen Miza Hilmy PhD Parkinson, P Farrar, S International Issues and Challenges in Improving Child Maintenance in Malaysia
Ryan Philippa Ann PhD McDonald, B Glister, J Domestic A New Classification for Barnes v Addy
Suttie Madeleine Claire PhD Savell, K   Domestic A Critical Analysis of Gutmann and Thompson's Model of Deliberative Democracy as Applied to Public Advisory Committees Considering New Biotechnologies

2012 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Principal Supervisor Associate Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Beaupert Fleur Aileen PhD Carney, T   Domestic Australian Mental Health Tribunals: A New Cultural Imperative
Boon-Kuo Louise PhD Findlay, M Johns, F and O'Malley, P Domestic Migration Policing in Australia and Beyond
Govind Paul Jason LLM (Hons II) Lyster, R Stephens, T Domestic Least Developed Countries and Adaptation Funding: Satisfying Distributive Justice in the Climate Change Regime
Gruber Stefan Alexander Karl PhD Boer, B   International Protecting China's Cultural Heritage: A Legal and Policy Approach
Martin Andrew Michael PhD Lyster, R Franklin, N Domestic Water Governance in New South Wales: The Role of Adaptive Governance
Redeke Julian Frank LLM (Hons I) Hill, J   International The Internal Liability of Executive Directors in Public Companies: A Comparison Between German and Australian Law
Ross Nicola Mary PhD Parkinson, P Cashmore, J Domestic The Hidden Child: How Lawyers See Children in Child Legal Representation
Sim Li-Shen Janice PhD Findlay, M   Domestic Parents Killing Children: Crossing the Invisible Line
Tsacalos Ashley Argyris PhD Irving, H Twomey, A


Effective Appellate Advocacy: The Ideal and the Reality - Explored through the Advocacy of Sir Garfield Barwick in Constitutional Law Cases
Zhou Weihuan PhD Triggs, G Williams, B


Adjudicating De Facto Discrimination under the GATT National Treatment Rule: The Role of Regulatory Purpos

2011 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Principal Supervisor Associate Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Field Rachel PhD Astor, H Shackel, R Domestic

A Paradigm Shift for Mediation Ethics: From Neutrality to Party Self-determination

Krayem Ghena PhD Parkinson, P Astor, H Domestic To Recognise or not to Recognise, that is NOT the Question: Family law and the Muslim Community in Australia
Martin Christopher Luke PhD Stubbs, S Van Krieken, R Domestic Government-Housing: Governing Crime and Disorder in Public Housing in New South Wales
Stephens Amanda Mary PhD Parkinson, P Oates, K Domestic Legal Outcomes in Non-accidental Head Injury ('Shaken Baby Syndrome') Cases: Inevitable Inconsistencies?
Ting Ka Fai Antony PhD Vann, R Cooper, G Domestic The Taxation of Corporate Groups under the Enterprise Doctrine: A Comparative Study of Eight Consolidation Regimes
Wallace Anne Marie PhD Carney, T   Domestic Justice and the 'virtual' expert: Using remote witness technology to take scientific evidence

2010 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Principal Supervisor Associate Supervisor Student Type Thesis Title
Anthony Thalia MCrim (First Class) Findlay, M   Domestic Re-imagining Indigenous Difference in Criminal Sentencing
Armytage Livingston Lloyd  PhD Kinley, D Saul, B Domestic Reforming Justice: The Journey to Fairness - 3 Case Studies from Asia
Bates Rebecca Louise PhD Lyster, R Franklin, N Domestic Public Thirst, Private Hands: How can we Manage Water Privatisation in the Era of Globalisation?
Bikundo Edwin Bikundo Makori PhD Findlay, M Saul, B & Ziegert, A International Criminal Aggression: Using or Abusing Legality?
Butler Joel Christopher LLM (Second Class) Irving, H McCallum, R Domestic The Regulation of Work, the Reception of English Law, and the Power of Governor in Early Colonial New South Wales
Camenzuli  Louise Kathleen SJD Boer, B Stephens, T Domestic The Protection and Conservation of World Heritage Cultural Landscapes: An Analysis of the Nature-Culture Continuum
Chowdhury Jamila Ahmed PhD Astor, H Smith, B International Women's Access to Fair Justice in Bangladesh: Is Family Mediation a Virtue or a Vice?
Courtney Wayne Benjamin PhD Carter, J Tolhurst, G Domestic Contractual Indemnities
Lloyd Georgina Leila PhD Boer, B   Domestic The Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Law and Policy - A Case Study of Angkor
Marshall Donald James LLM (First Class) Magnusson, R   Domestic Civil Liability for Assisted Reproduction: The Case for Reform
Miles Katherine Louise PhD Boer, B Stephens, T Domestic International Investment Law, Empire and the Environment
Pert Alison Mary PhD Kinley, D   Domestic Australia as a Good International Citizen from Barton to Howard: An International Law Perspective
Rawling Michael James PhD Carney, T McCallum, R Domestic Supply Chain Regulation: Work and Regulation Beyond the Employment Relationship

2009 research thesis completions

Surname Given names Degree Supervisor Supervision Type Student Type Thesis proposal
Amos Anne Margaret PhD

Fridman, S

Carney, T



Local Anti-Doping Policy: Rationale or Rationalisation?
Biok Elizabeth Mary SJD Crock, M Principal Local Australia and Refugees in the Asia Pacific