How to Apply - The University of Sydney Law School's Research Programs

Before you Apply: The Postgraduate Research Experience in Law

There are two steps involved in making an application to a research program:

  1. Expression of interest
  2. Formal application for admission
    - Online application form
    - Supporting documentation
    - Transfer of research candidature
    - Research application closing dates/outcomes
    - Application assessment process
    - Scholarships

1. Expression of interest

Prior to making a formal application, you are required to provide information on the following form about your area of intended research, academic qualifications, professional or other qualifications, details about your original research activities and publications, and any other information relevant to the application.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their Expression of Interest within 4-6 weeks.

The Associate Dean (Research Education) will consider the Expression of Interest on the basis of your eligibility to enter the postgraduate research program as well as research supervision capacity within the relevant research area.

The Expression of Interest must be accepted by the School prior to submitting a formal application. This will allow the minimum time to assess the Expression of Interest and to make a formal application.

For further enquiries, please contact Law Postgraduate Team

2. Formal application for admission

A formal application should only be submitted after your Expression of Interest has been accepted.

Online application forms

Please ensure all application Supporting documentation are available for uploading before commencing the online application process.

Application form and information

Once you have been advised to proceed with a formal application, you should complete the relevant application form and provide supporting documentation listed below.

Application assistance

If you require technical assistance with making an online application, please contact Future Students

For information on specific postgraduate law research application requirements, please contact the Postgraduate Team, Sydney Law School

Transfer of research candidature

In addition to formal documentation required for application (as above), applicants who have already commenced a research degree and are seeking to transfer to another research degree, are required to provide the following additional information:

  • Reasons for applying to transfer
  • Statement (no more than 1,000 words) indicating the progress of your thesis to date. This should include an outline of the thesis plus a brief summary of each chapter, including information about what stage draft the material has reached.
  • Supervisor’s report detailing the rate and standard of your thesis progress made to date.
  • Evidence of ethics approval for all relevant previous research undertaken.
  • Non-University of Sydney applicants: provision of an official enrolment notice issued by the home institution confirming the number of full-time equivalent semesters of enrolment consumed under the government’s Research Training Scheme.

For further information, please refer to University policies relating to research candidatures.

Research application closing dates (including course transfers) and outcomes


Applications accepted

Application outcome available
Research Period 2 (1 March)
Up to 31 December
Up to 12 weeks
Research Period 3 (1 July)
Up to 30 April
Up to 12 weeks

Applications will be accepted at any time up to the prescribed due date. If your application is not assessed in time, it will be automatically considered for the next possible course commencement date.

Application assessment process

The formal admission application will be assessed by academic members in the relevant Research Cluster and the Postgraduate Research Committee. Applications will be assessed on the basis of a range of criteria, including the academic credentials, research/publication and relevant professional experience of the applicant, the strength of the research proposal, and research supervision capacity in the relevant legal area.

Please note that entry into the postgraduate research program is highly competitive. Due to the volume of applications and limited supervisory capacity in certain fields, applicants must comply with the prescribed closing date in order to have their application assessed by the Postgraduate Research Committee.