Research Periods

As from July 2014, Semesters 1 and 2 will be replaced by four research periods (RP) as follows:

University semesters
New research periods
Semester 1
RP 1 and 2
Semester 2
RP 3 and 4

Duration of the research periods

Research period (RP) start date
(candidature start date)
Census date
RP end date (submission)
#Full-time study load
2 Jan
31 Jan
28 Feb
1 Mar
31 Mar
30 Jun
1 Jul
31 Aug
30 Sep
1 Oct
31 Oct
31 Dec^
# study load halved for part-time enrolments
^ due to the University close down, students must submit their thesis no later than 12pm on the first Friday of January.

  • All new law research students must commence their candidature on the first day of research periods (RP) 2 or 3. Students commencing in March must be enrolled at least three weeks before the start of LAWS6077 Legal Research 1
  • Students must complete all enrolment requirements at least three weeks prior to the commencement of their candidature.
  • Thesis submission date will be at least two working days prior to the last day of the research period for which a student is enrolled in.
  • Student will be charged fees in accordance with their enrolment status as at the relevant census date.
  • Students may seek approval to vary their candidature (take leave of absence (less than 12 weeks), suspend/discontinue their candidature or change their attendance) prior to the relevant census date. Please ensure online applications are submitted via My Uni at least two weeks prior to the relevant census date.