Combined Law - The Sydney LLB - How To Apply - Special Admission

Sabine Bathe from Canada talks about her experiences as a Sydney LLB student

Special admission entry is available to applicants who want to explain a record of exclusion or failure or for those who feel their results do not reflect their abilities due to circumstances beyond their control, such as prolonged illness or who had commitments which interferred with their studies.

Combined Law – The Broadway Scheme

Relevant applicants for Combined Law should apply for a place in the University of Sydney’s Broadway Scheme. This is designed for students who are completing a senior secondary qualification, such as the NSW HSC and who have suffered serious educational disadvantage(s) during their studies.

Certain other types of applicants apart from current Year 12 students can also apply under the Broadway Scheme. This primarily includes applicants who completed their Year 12 qualification before the current year. Applicants should contact the Special Admissions Office for further information.

Successful applicants may receive a concession of up to five points from the normal ATAR cut-offs for the University’s courses. This may vary from year to year. The ATAR cut-off in 2015 was 97.85.

Applicants for the Broadway Scheme must apply directly to the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) using the Educational Access Schemes (EAS) application form, in addition to making the standard application for admission.

Elite Athletes & Performers Scheme

The Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme is for applicants who are able to demonstrate that they are elite athletes or performers, and have had training, competitive and/or practice commitments which have interfered with their studies.

This scheme is available to applicants who are able to present an acceptable academic qualification, such as the NSW HSC or a tertiary qualification, with results that are close to the standard normally required for admission into their course of choice. The majority of the undergraduate courses offered through UAC are available through this scheme.

Please contact the Admissions Office if you have questions about applying for consideration under this special entry scheme. If you wish to be considered, you must complete the application form and provide documentary evidence of any claims you have about your competitive commitments and achievements.

Applications received before 30 October 2015 can be in contention for offers in the Main Round.

The ATAR cut-off in 2014 was 97.7.

The Cadigal Scheme

The Cadigal Alternative Entry Program is both a special entry scheme and an academic support program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants from all types of academic backgrounds.It is available for admission into all of the University’s undergraduate courses that are offered through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

The program aims to encourage greater participation in tertiary education by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. However, like all the University’s application schemes, applying under this program is optional.You do not have to apply through this program just because you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicant.

The program is managed by Student Support Services for the majority of the University’s courses. If you are interested in applying for consideration under this program please visit the Cadigal Program page on the Student Services website