Undergraduate Law @ Sydney

A degree in law will provide you with the analytical tools to respond to contemporary legal problems as a barrister or solicitor or in the many additional ways in which legal skills are valuable. Over 50% of law graduates do not practice as barristers and solicitors. Rather they are working as corporate counsel, government policy advisors, teachers, business executives, novelists, journalists and artists. A law degree provides unique skills of analysis, research, writing and advocacy that prepare you for work in the increasingly globalised environment for legal services.

One of the vital assets of those trained in the law is the ability to adjust to contemporary issues. It seems there has never been a greater demand for legal advice and innovative approaches to problem solving than in this first decade of the 21st century. The challenges posed by global warming require creative legal solutions; Australian trade measures must comply with the rules of the WTO and with the web of international trade agreements; intellectual property rights need protection both within Australia and globally; the jurisdictional reach of criminal laws extend to the acts of Australian armed forces overseas and also to those of directors of foreign corporations.

Australian lawyers need specialist legal training to respond to these demands. Underscoring the importance of international legal skills is the recent report of the International Legal Services Advisory Council to the Commonwealth Attorney General that 16 % of legal export earnings are provided by the overseas offices of Australian law firms. It is very likely that this trend will continue.

The Law School is committed to providing you with the foundational principles and framework of the law and the specialist skills for today’s transnational and international legal work. Our academic staff, with their backgrounds in scholarly research, commercial practice and judicial experience, will give you the necessary direction to develop your skills of reasoning and advocacy.