Reproductive Biopolitics Workshop, 2-3 October

In October, NBOT will host a two day workshop on reproductive biopolitics. The event will bring together feminist scholars working on different aspects of reproductive biopolitics to share knowledge and expertise, and to develop new analytic perspectives. Participants in the workshop will explore how women’s reproductive biology (the processes of oogenesis, conception, embryogenesis, parturition) is now caught up in global markets for reproductive service labour (surrogacy, egg vending), for new forms of medical consumption (private cord blood banking, egg banking), for new kinds of testing and surveillance (foetal imaging), and as a source of regenerative potential for the stem cell industries.

PhD Master Class with Professor Nikolas Rose, 25 August

In August, NBOT will be co-hosting Nikolas Rose, Head of the Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine at King’s College London. Professor Rose will hold a master class for doctoral candidates at the University of Sydney.

Past Events

Biobanking Workshop, 14-15 July

In July, The Network for Bodies, Organs and Tissues hosted a multi-disciplinary, two day workshop on human tissues. Themed around the topic of biobanking, the event provided a forum for discussions of moral, ethical and regulatory issues relating to the access and control of human tissues. It addressed the challenges posed by the different uses of tissues (e.g. reproductive, therapeutic, regenerative, research, education, etc.), and debates about how to manage and resolve tissue based conflicts.