Biobank Networks, Medical Research and the Challenge of Globalisation
Kerridge I, Stewart C, Waldby C, Anderson W, Cumming R, Easteal S, Kowal E, Lipworth W, Critchley C, Anderson W, Marlton P

While the ethical challenges associated with isolated biobanks are well understood, over the past decade, international networks of biobanks have been established in order to maximise the utility and sustainability of biobanks. This is significant because the globalization of research raises numerous and difficult technical, governance, legal and ethical challenges, principally because research is less constrained by institutional, academic, cultural or national boundaries. Australia’s ability to contribute to, and make use of these networks relies not only on funding, but on public support and on the development and application of effective, ethically robust and evidence-based public policy, regulation and legislation. This study will provide evidence to inform the development of ethically rigorous and culturally informed strategies to ensure that Australians contribute to, and benefit from, international biobank networks. This will be achieved through elaboration of policies and practices for participation in biobank networks and, where necessary, recommendations for regulatory reform. This will be the first systematic, Australia-wide study of the challenges raised by the globalization of research and the formation of biobank networks.

$763,644.00 NHMRC Project Grant 2015-2017

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