Network for Bodies, Organs and Tissues

NBOT is a team of scholars working on bodies, organs and tissues from a diverse range of disciplines across Medicine, Science, Law, the Arts and Social Sciences. The Network brings together critical perspectives on recent developments in science, medicine and biotechnology in light of emerging moral, ethical and regulatory crises relating to the access and control of human tissue. Examining issues such as biomarkets and bioeconomies, biobanking, genetic technologies, stem cell therapies, and new reproductive technologies, these researchers investigate the challenges such developments pose for established socio-cultural, biomedical, ethical and legal understandings of the body and human tissue.

NBOT is structured with a preponderance of early career researchers, supported by significant world-leading researchers, to maximise the research potential and the environment for research training in bodies, organs and tissues. It is comprised of scholars with a proven track record for critical and transformative research in large-scale, multi-disciplinary initiatives.