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Making the world a better place: health, human rights, and global justice
20 July 2015
Professor Larry Gostin's "Global Health Law" class took an interesting turn on Thursday afternoon, 16 July, with a "guest lecture" from the Honourable Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia


Discussing bioethics with the Dalai Lama
17 July 2013
Professor Cameron Stewart was part of a panel which discussed bioethics problems with the Dalai Lama in June for the Western Sydney Local Health District.

Open disclosure (OD)
7 May 2013
Doctors have been slow to embrace the practice of Open Disclosure (OD) after adverse health care events, despite its implementation in state health policy documents and inclusion in the Medical Board of Australia's code of conduct for doctors, writes Professor Cameron Stewart.

Ethics and the Law for Health Professionals
2 May 2013
This new book co-authored by Professor Cameron Stewart examines the rich and complex ethical issues that characterise health care.


Globalising Asia: Health Law, Governance & Policy - Issues, Approaches & Gaps
22 November 2012
The report from the conference jointly hosted by the Faculties of Public Health and of Law at Thammasat University, Bankok, Thailand, which explored the impact of globalization and emerging health law issues within ASEAN and the asia-pacific region, which was also co-sponsored by the International Development Law Organisation, is now available.

Law and Healthy Lifestyles
19 July 2012
This new intensive health law unit responds to the growing interest in law and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Obama's Affordable Care Act
29 May 2012
The pending United States Supreme Court decision about the constitutionality of President Obama's universal health care legislation is the most important decision since Bush v Gore, and the most important American judicial decision about health in a generation, according to Professor Lawrence Gostin from Georgetown University's Law Center.

Experts debate global health law challenges affecting the asian region
1 May 2012
Sydney Law School has joined with the International Development Law Organisation and the Faculties of Law, and of Public Health at Thammasat University in Thailand to co-sponsor a regional conference exploring emerging health law issues affecting the asia pacific region.

Australia's National Register of Health Practitioners
7 February 2012
Professor Cameron Stewart comments on concerns surrounding Australia's healthcare register.