Giving you a pathway to Cambridge or Oxford

Giving you a pathway to Cambridge or Oxford

Sydney Law School is making it possible for students to receive dual degrees from the United Kingdom’s most prestigious law schools.

Sydney Law School offers a unique collaboration with the Faculties of Law at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The Pathway Program enables highachieving students to receive a University of Sydney Bachelor of Law (LLB) or a Juris Doctor (JD) as well as an Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or Master of Law and Finance (MLF), or a Cambridge Master of Laws (LLM) or Masters in Corporate Law (MCL).

Open to final-year students, admission to the program is competitive and is assessed by the law school where students choose to apply. Instead of completing the final semester of their degree in Sydney, students commence their studies in the UK in late September, after successful completion of their second-last semester in Sydney.

At the completion of their UK studies, students receive both a University of Sydney LLB or JD and a master’s degree from either Oxford or Cambridge. Under these agreements, the time taken to complete both awards is reduced by one semester. On the pages following we share the experiences of a Juris Doctor student, Ray Aye, currently undertaking study in Oxford and combined law student, Mitchell Cleaver, who will embark on study at Cambridge in the latter half of 2015.

Ray Aye Juris Doctor

Ray Aye

An international student from Singapore, Ray completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of California and aspires to be a lawyer in the field of energy, resources and infrastructure in the emerging markets of Asia.

“My JD study has already taken me to a career in corporate law, having interned with an international law firm, both locally and overseas. Now I have a further opportunity at the University of Oxford, studying the Master of Law and Finance, which is jointly offered by its law faculty and the University of Sydney Business School.

“I hope to positively impact developing countries through my involvement in project finance work in energy, resources, transportation and infrastructure projects.”

Ray also travelled to Yangon, Myanmar, undertaking an internship with a local law firm.

“This was really important to me personally as I wanted to gain exposure to the legal landscape of an emerging country.

“I have truly been a beneficiary of Sydney Law School’s superb reputation and global network, and have greatly appreciated the opportunities my studies have presented me.”

Mitchell Cleaver Combined Law

Mitchell Cleaver

Upon finishing high school, Mitchell Cleaver had difficulty choosing his next step at a tertiary level.

Drawn towards a double-degree program, he considered combined law a “smart choice” as “it provides direction and focus, while equipping you with skills which are transferable to any career.

“Studying combined law at Sydney has been a life changing experience, both academically and personally.

“Sydney Law School has world-class research centres, a strong international reputation and attracts a diverse range of students. The faculty attracts professionals who are leaders in their fields and who are dedicated to teaching the next generation.”

Now in his final year, Mitchell gained admission to the Cambridge pathway program, where he will pursue a Master of Laws (LLM).

He says he was drawn to Cambridge by the breadth of subjects available, its international reputation, and the opportunity to study alongside students from around the world under the supervision of some of the world’s finest academics.

“The Cambridge LLM provides a solid foundation for a future career in the law, whether in practice or academia. I am particularly looking forward to studying Commercial Equity and Law of Restitution,” says Mitchell.

“Outside of class, I would love to get involved in some of the dramatic societies at Cambridge. I have been accepted into Jesus College, so I also hope to get involved in intercollegiate sport.”

Mitchell says he often considered the possibility of postgraduate study overseas, but never thought he would have the opportunity – particularly at Cambridge.

“It was only after encouragement from two members of the law faculty that I began to look into the Pathways Program. The Cambridge LLM will enable me to explore some of the areas which have most engaged me throughout my undergraduate course. Courses like History of English Civil and Criminal Law will also provide an appreciation of history that is crucial to a proper understanding of the law.”

Mitchell says his study at Sydney Law School gave him the opportunity to examine complex legal materials, draw fine conceptual distinctions and debate ambiguities in the law.

“The skills you acquire here are invaluable, irrespective of where your career will take you.

“A beautiful campus, an engaged student body, a distinguished history, and knowledgeable and approachable staff make studying at Sydney one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Following his Cambridge LLM, Mitchell will take up a position as a tipstaff in the NSW Court of Appeal before joining the graduate program at Allens Linklaters.