Sydney Law School in Europe

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The University of Sydney Law School conducts Australia’s leading postgraduate program in law. It has earned an international reputation for the quality and breadth of its programs. Sydney Law School has an extensive offshore program including, a program in Europe since 1998. Courses have been conducted in Berlin, Cambridge London, Norway and Amsterdam.

The program offers specialist subjects taught by academics from Sydney Law School in conjunction with our international faculty or guest lectures by leading English or European experts.

Students can combine study in Europe with study in Australia, or complete the entire program in Europe. The units may be part of a Master of Laws degree (LLM) or may also count as electives towards an LLB or JD degree. All units have a comparative aspect, so that students will build knowledge in both Australian law and the relevant law of the host country, on the particular subject.
All units taught on an intensive basis – usually over four or five successive days – with some interim assessment, but major assessment such a s research essays, completed at a later time.

LLM coursework units can be supplemented by supervised and independent research projects. The Sydney LLM program is well designed for busy lawyers who wish to undertake each unit in a concentrated period of time. Several units are offered every year in Europe with a rolling program of different offerings over three years. International students are also welcome to attend our courses in Asia or the wide range of units on offer in Sydney.

Note: International students intending to study in Sydney on a student visa will need to enrol on a full-time basis (four units of study per semester).

Please note all units conducted offshore are Sydney University units, they are not conducted by the host university and students will not be enrolled at the offshore institution. Graduates participating in offshore units should not represent, in curriculum vitae or otherwise, that they have been enrolled at or on exchange to the offshore institution.