Course Structure - Sydney Law School in Europe

Students in our Sydney Law School in Europe program are students of the University of Sydney. They obtain the same Master of Laws (LLM) degree as students who study entirely in Sydney. The admission requirements, content, hours and mode of instruction, lecturing standard and assessment procedures are the same. Lecturers in the program are part of the Sydney Law School or visiting scholars invited to teach by the School. Classes are taught in English.

To obtain the LLM, students need to complete a total of 48 credit-points. This translates to eight units of study, as each unit is worth six credit-points. The LLM may be completed within one year by full time study across units in Sydney and Europe, or on a part-time basis. The units offered in Europe are normally taught on an intensive basis, over four days. Students may also choose to travel to Sydney to undertake units offered there.

Units of study

The specific units offered as part of the Sydney Law School in Europe program vary from year to year. Sydney Law School is offering a rolling program over three years, but also with offerings from each of our specialist postgraduate law programs in areas that include international law, taxation, health law, environmental law and criminology.

Some of our past and future offerings include:

  • Advanced Corporate Law: Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Finance
  • Common Law Systems, Procedure & Evidence
  • Comparative Climate Law
  • Comparative Competition Law
  • Comparative Contract Law
  • Comparative Corporate Governance
  • Comparative International Tax Law
  • Comparative Obligations & Remedies
  • Contract Law & Litigation
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Insolvency
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • International Comparative Corporation & Commercial Law
  • International Sports Arbitration
  • Introduction to Comparative Product Liability Law
  • Japanese Legal System
  • Labour Law in the Global Economy
  • Tax Treaties
  • World Trade Organisation Law I

Students can also choose to study some of their units in Australia. A very broad range of units is offered in Sydney, across a range of areas including international taxation law, environmental law, corporate and commercial law, business law, international law, health law, administrative law, labour law, jurisprudence, and criminology. Many units are offered on an intensive basis, with teaching concentrated into one week or two successive weekends. It is therefore possible to visit Australia for a relatively short period of time, study the units intensively, and then complete the assessment on return to Europe.