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Below you will find feedback from students who have recently completed units from the Sydney Law School in Europe program.

Melissa Saadat writes about her Sydney Law School in Europe experience on
How one part-time LL.M. student balances work, study, and ... summers in Europe

Studying Advanced Obligtations and Remedies in Cambridge was one of the highlights of my postgraduate studies. Not only did the course include great lecturers from one of the world's top universities, but the classes were held in a fabulous centuries old college in the centre of the old town. There was a good mix of students from a number of countries and the subject was held during the European summer, so we could go punting on the Cam at 10.00pm!
Kerryn Smith

"It is one of the very rare part-time programmes that attracts people on the job. The melting pot of students with various origin and background was amazing"
Georg M Kordges

"I enjoyed the small and initmate classsize"
Shane Outtram

"It's a good way to combine studies with a holiday. Also you actually have the full time to devote to the course (unlike when you're juggling work commitments at the same time). It was a also a good experience to interact with students from other jurisdictions and Australian ex-pat law students."
Aldona Baranowski

"It's a fantastic program and it definitely makes the University of Sydney stand apart from other postgrad programs."
Melissa Saadat

"It was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Attending the very practical and interactive seminars in a small group while being surrounded by the history and beauty of Cambridge was definitely the highlight for me."
anonymous student

"There was plenty of primary and secondary material that lawyers from both civil and common law backgrounds would have been able to use. As I currently live in the UK, I appreciated the ready set of Australian material that would have been otherwise been troublesome to source."
Stephen Banfield

"The most enjoyable unit in about 10 years of being a professional student!!"
Scott Avery