The East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) is located in Shanghai, the economic centre of the People’s Republic of China. The University, founded in 1952, is the largest and most prestigious law school in the East China region. While specialised in legal education, ECUPL also offers programs in economics, foreign languages and management. The University currently has a student population of more than 12,000 including students of graduate, undergraduate, and adult programs. It boasts a highly qualified teaching and research staff, and is the only law school in East China that offers a PhD degree in law. It also offers comprehensive Masters degree programs in law.

ECUPL is located in the Changning District of Shanghai city adjoining the Suzhou River and Zhongshan Park, approximately 20 minutes from the French Concession and city centre. It is on the campus of former St John’s University where many old buildings of significant historical and architectural value are preserved intact. Buildings embodying a blend of Chinese and western architectural styles together with tall old trees and green lawns, present a serene and unique campus environment.

Since China implemented its open-door and reform policies, the University has been dedicated to cultivating international academic exchanges and, as a result, has established cooperation and exchanges with many overseas colleges and universities. ECUPL is the first Chinese law school whose credits are recognised by the American Bar Association. Every year, government leaders, justices, lawyers and professors from all over the world visit the University. Furthermore, the university has signed exchange agreements with the law schools of some 20 universities in the US, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Since 1984, the University has offered a Chinese Study Program during the summer and winter vacations, co-sponsored with overseas universities. The program has been a great success. Since its inception, it has been enjoyed by more than 3000 foreign participants.

In recent years, ECUPL has attached great importance to the internationalisation of education. The University currently offers foreign candidates PhD degree programs in International Law, Legal History, Economic Law and Criminal Law as well as Masters programs in Jurisprudence, History of the Legal System, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Procedural Law, Economic Law, Environmental Law and International Law. ECUPL also welcomes qualified foreign students in undergraduate degree programs or as part-time students in advanced courses in law or Chinese language, including Legal Mandarin.

The learning and living conditions on the campus of ECUPL are among the best in China.

International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center (IEC) is a functional division of ECUPL and is responsible for fostering and developing international links with overseas institutions. The IEC administers the Shanghai Winter School program in partnership with Sydney Law School.

Contact details

International Exchange Center
East China University of Political Science and Law
1575 Wan Hang Du Road, Shanghai, 200042
People’s Republic of China

Phone: +86 21 6207 1789
Fax: +86 21 6213 7121
Email: iec@ecupl.edu.cn