Southeast Asia Field School

This offshore unit of study will take place in Indonesia and Malaysia in July aiming to equip students with the knowledge about legal systems, political environments and cultural practices they need to operate in the region.

The course for 2016, will be held during the July semester break.

The Indonesian component of the course will be taught at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, which has one of Indonesia's finest law faculties. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Indonesian legal system. This component will be geared towards not only those who want to practice commercial law in Indonesia, but also those who are interested in other areas, including law reform, human rights, Islamic law, constitutional law, environmental law and criminal law.

The Malaysian component will be taught at the Head Office of Zaid Ibrahim and Co in Kuala Lumpur, which is the largest and most prestigious law firm in Malaysia. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Malaysian legal system in the contexts of Malaysia's competing ethnicities, political and economic reform and the harmonisation of laws. A particular focus will be on the dual banking system and the role of Islamic law in the development of trade, banking and finance.

Applications will open Thursday 24 March, 5pm