Enrolment in the Southeast Asia Field School is available to:

  • Current undergraduate, Juris Doctor and postgraduate law students from the University of Sydney
  • Undergraduate, Juris Doctor and postgraduate cross-institutional law students currently enrolled at an Australian or overseas university who are seeking to obtain credit towards a tertiary award
  • Students with appropriate tertiary education qualifications who are seeking to enrol for non-degree purposes, or for credit towards a non-law tertiary award.

Please note that preference is given to University of Sydney law students and then to cross-institutional law students. Non-degree and non-law applications are considered only if space permits.

Postgraduate Students

The Southeast Asia Field School can be credited towards the following University of Sydney Postgraduate degrees and diplomas:

  • Doctor of Juridicial Studies (SJD)
  • Graduate Diploma in Law (GradDipLaw)
  • Graduate Diploma in International Business Law (GradDipIntlBusLaw)
  • Graduate Diploma in International Law (GradDipIntlLaw)
  • Master of Business Law (MBL)
  • Master of Global Law (MGlobL)
  • Master of International Law (MIL)
  • Master of International Business & Law (MIntlBusLaw)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)

The Postgraduate unit LAWS6149 Legal Pluralism in Southeast Asia is worth 12 credit points (one-quarter of an annual full-time workload) and is available to both University of Sydney and Cross-institutional Master’s/Diploma students.

Juris Doctor and Undergraduate students

Eligibility: Students must be eligible to undertake elective units in 2016. JD applicants must have completed the first year of a JD program and ensure they have made satisfactory progress in their core units to be eligible to enrol (usually past a minimum of 72 credit points at the commencement of the program).

Cross-institutional applicants

Cross-institutional applicants are advised to contact their home institution to confirm that the Southeast Asia Field School can be credited to their degree. Students are required to obtain written permission from their home institution before applying and paying the non-refundable deposit.