The Southeast Asia Field School is offered both on a Commonwealth supported (CSP) and full-fee basis, and the tuition fee rate you are charged will be the same as your current fee liability status. Eligible CSP students can elect to defer their tuition fee payment using HECS-HELP. Eligible postgraduate, full-fee undergraduate and JD students may apply to defer their tuition fee payment using FEE-HELP.

Two fees are payable to the University of Sydney:

  • The University of Sydney tuition fee (which varies depending on your enrolment)
  • A fee covering in-Country expenses (which varies depending on your choice of accommodation).

The tuition fee covers tuition costs (including reading materials) in Malaysia, Indonesia and Sydney. This fee is set by the University of Sydney and is based on the standard fee rate.

The in-Country fee includes accommodation and breakfasts. Also covered are field trips, local transport, administrative costs, an evening function and a welcome dinner in Indonesia.

The A$500 deposit paid upon application will be allocated to the in-Country fee.


Accommodation type
2016 Fee per person (A$)
Twin-share room
Single room