Conference Papers

Name Conference Papers Other
Zakir Akhand Coercion, Persuasion and Tax Compliance: A Multi-strategy Analysis  
John Bevacqua Australian Taxpayer Rights to Compensation for Wrongs of the Commissioner of Taxation – A Call for Legislative Clarification  
Celeste Black Taxation Implications Of Transactions Arising Under The Carbon Farming Initiative  
Dale Boccabella An Ordered Approach to the Tax Rules for Problem Solving in a First Australian Income Taxation Law Course can improve Student Performance  
Catherine Brown Pari Passu: Is there a more equitable way to prioritise taxation?  
Teresa Calvert The consequences of adapting tax legislation, using international standards in the developing worlds: A South African example  
Graeme Cooper Reforming the Taxation of Trusts – Piecing Together the Mosaic  
Ken Devos The influence of Tax Preparers upon Individual Taxpayer Compliance- Some Australian Evidence  
Caroline Dick Not just revenue raising: Taxation as a way of regulating Dress  
Michael Dirkis and Brett Bondfield Just how much ‘self’ is there left in Self Assessment?  
Paul Drum Economic Analysis of the Impacts of Using GST to Reform Taxes  
Sandra Fernandes Capital attribution – Towards an international standard?  
Brett Freudenberg Show me the evidence: How the scholarship of learning and teaching is critical for modern academics  
Brett Freudenberg, Binh Tran-Nam and Stewart Karlinsky A comparative analysis of Tax advisers’ perception of small business tax law complexity: United States, Australia and New Zealand. Slides
Jennie Granger ATO law expertise: Evolution or revolution? Slides
Shelley Griffiths Resolving New Zealand Tax Disputes: finding the balance between judicial determination and administrative process  
Atiqul Haque Determinants of Low Efforts of Developing Countries Slides
Idawati Ibrahim Factors Underpinning Usage Behaviour of an Electronic Filing System: The Case of Malaysian Personal Taxpayers  
Sunita Jogarajan  The Conclusion And Termination Of The ‘First’ Double Taxation Treaty   
Sally-Ann Joseph Moral Algebra or Simple Deduction: selecting a decison strategy Slides
Paul Kenny Assessing the impact of Team Based Learning and the Examination Performance of Undergraduate Taxation Law Students  
Diane Kraal The Adoption of 'International Accounting Standard (IAS) 12 Income Taxes': Convergence or Divergence?  
Craig Latham Beyond e-commerce: The challenge of globalisation for tax policy and compliance  
Gordon D Mackenzie Tax Distortions and Retail Investors  
Marhaini Mahmood Compliance Risk Management Strategies for Malaysian Tax Administration  
Andrew J. Maple The divergence of terra firma and aedificium: The convergence of the Income Tax Act 2007 and case law?  
Lisa Marriott Tax Crime and Punishement in New Zealand Slides
Lisa Marriott, Kevin Holmes and John Randal Experimental Methodologies in Tax Research  
Margaret McKerchar and Ann Hansford Achieving Innovation and Global Competitiveness Through Research and Development Tax Incentives: lessons for Australia from the UK Slides
Margaret McKerchar Examiners’ expectations of doctoral theses in taxation: Australasian perspectives Slides
Andrew J. Maples Maples: The divergence of terra firma and aedificium: The convergence of the Income Tax Act 2007 and case law?  
Raihana Mohdali The Effects of Religiosity and Taxpayers’ Perceptions towards Government on Voluntary Tax Compliance  
Annette Morgan

Bringing the classroom to life through real world experiences: perspectives on teaching tax in a commerce degree

The Current State of Play Relating To Not-For-Profit Tax Concessions in Australia and a Glimpse Of What May Lie Ahead For These Concessions


Les Nethercott and Tony Anamourlis Offshore Tax evasion and Tax Reform in Australia: AMultilateral Perspective  
John Pasant Reason in revolt now thunders, to end the age of neoliberal tax cant  
Stephen Phua Tax Gap: Information Deficiency  
Judith Pinny The Ugly Sister with a sweet tooth? Food Consumption as an Indirect Tax Base in New Zealand 1840-2012  
John Prebble Using The Social Science Research Network To Aid And To Promote Research  
Miranda Stewart and Joyce Chia Doing Business to do Good: Should we tax the business profits of charities and not for profits?  
Pearl Rozenberg Service Learning for Business Students: A reflection on the first year of University of Sydney Business School students and the Tax Help Program  
Andrew Smith New Zealand’s Recently Negotiated Double Tax Agreements: New Developments in New Zealand’s International Tax Policy  
John Tretola  GST And Residential Premises - Which Intention is Relevant?  
Rob Vosslamber Disasters and Taxation: The Slow Development of Policy  
Stephen A. Whittington and John Prebble Cross-Border Tax Arbitrage And Convergence Of Tax Systems: A Law And Economics Approach    
Robin Woellner "Plutarch’s Paradox – Or The Case Of The Interminable Trust"   Slides
Lidia Xynas Using Tax Expenditures to influence a shift in Australia’s Retirement Policies: Do they produce a fair and equitable outcome?