Visitors Program @ Sydney Law School

The Sydney Law School welcomes the opportunity to host distinguished scholars from overseas and around Australia who wish to spend a period of time visiting the Law School. Visitors to the Law School provide a valuable opportunity for the exchange of ideas and research as well as the creation of ongoing national and international research linkages and collaborations.

Visitors can contribute to the Law School in the following ways:

  • Present their work in the weekly Faculty Seminar Series which is a forum for both visitors and members of the Faculty to showcase their work.
  • Contribute to the seminar program of a Research Centre. There are eight Research Centres and Institutes at the Sydney Law School.
  • Facilitate and foster out international research networks.
  • The Law School also runs a Continuing Professional Development Program.

Who may apply?

The Sydney Law School considers applications from researchers and practitioners of high standing at any stage in their career. Visitors may wish to spend a period of time conducting research in the Faculty while on sabbatical leave from their normal employment or they may wish to visit for a shorter period.

Before applying

All potential visitors should make contact with an academic sponsor or a research centre in the Law School who will be willing to support their application to visit the faculty, before applying to visit.

See How to Apply

A list of members of the Faculty and their Research Areas can be found at Research Academics @ Sydney Law School. There are fourteen broad research themes supported by eight Research Centres and Institutes at the Sydney Law School.

The Visitors Committee considers the following when determining applications: the standing of the applicant relative to opportunity, the quality of their work and the extent to which their work will enhance the academic life of the Law School. The Committee may also consider whether we have a Faculty or University level agreement of academic cooperation with the applicant’s home Institution. The University is also a party to a number of International networks. To view a full list: International Agreements @ Sydney Law School

How to Apply:

Are you an externally funded or self-funded Visitor?

  • Applicants who wish to visit the Law School for a period that is less than three months are considered on a rolling basis by the Visitors Committee.
  • Where the visit is for a period greater than three months and assistance is required in obtaining a visa the application should be lodged at least 5 months before the intended visit. For visits of greater than three months the visitor will need to be working on an Australian research project.
    Please clilck on the link for details regarding the appropriate visa for your visit
  • Applicants must send a short CV (no more than four pages) together with a cover letter outlining your research project, the name of a Faculty sponsor, the length of the proposed visit and what resources you hope to access. You should also indicate any contribution that you can make to the Law School while you are here such as a seminar presentation or similar.
  • Applications should be directed to:

David Corey
Visitors Coordinator,
Faculty of Law - F10,
University of Sydney NSW 2006

Computer Facilities and desk space

Visitors to the Law School may be provided with a University of Sydney login enabling them to use computer facilities at the Law School. In addition access to the Sydney Law School Library can be arranged. Office space may be provided where available. In some cases office space will be shared. The Law School is not able to assist with arrangements for living accommodation however, the University has an Accommodation Service that may be able to assist you with your accommodation needs

Further information on Visas

Overseas visitors to the Law School often require a visa. In some cases the application is very straight forward and can be completed online. In other cases you may require a letter of invitation from the University or the University may be required to sponsor you for a visa. Please see here for details on relavant visas or The Department of Immigration and Citizenship for further information.


Academic Contact
Mr Micah Burch
Academic Coordinator, Visitors Program

Administrative Contact
David Corey
Visitors Coordinator